by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

I suppose there is some sort of deep dramatic irony that today is Memorial day in the USA, and that I should be writing a blog about a very strange story coming out of Peru last week. Memorial day, for those outside the USSA, is the day traditionally set aside for people to honor the military and especially those who lost their lives defending the country.  The irony for me is that while I have no doubt that my father, an uncle, and my two grandfathers did their time in the service in the two World Wars, and did so in good faith that they were indeed “defending freedom,” the irony now is I rather suspect they would all be looking at the state of the country today, and wondering why they did.

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One of the most distressing things to me, having written so many books that touch upon the end of World War Two, is that this country in particular stands guilty of having preserved elements of one of the most monstrous evils in human history, making dirty, off-the-books deals with post-war Nazis.  That’s not to say that the post-war victorious Allied powers didn’t cut such deals. They all did, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, the Soviet Union, they all did. But no one did it with such industrial scale efficiency as did this country.  In my view, this deal meant that Nazism was allowed to survive, not just in enclaves in jungles, but as an international criminal and conspiratorial force and element deeply embedded and penetrating the postwar economies and politics of several countries. I  have called that group the “Nazi International” or the “Fascist International.” It is a kind of extra-territorial state, with its own very large (and very criminal) economy.

Every now and then it surfaces or reminds us that it’s there. There are the obvious warnings and reminders, like the Davos set and their “leaders,” the Hochklaus von Blohschwab Freiherr von Bomburst-und-Bloviation, Baal Gates, John “Let’s-confiscate-the-farms” Ketchup Kerry, George “My Face is melting and I feel no remorse” Soros, Darth Hillary, and of course the current representative of the Dementiacracy in the Swamp, Bai Den Jo and his whole regime.

But sometimes the reminders are of an even more blatant nature, as the following article that many of you shared makes very clear:

50 bricks of cocaine bearing Nazi symbols seized in Peru

On the surface, there’s not much to this story, and we can quote its entire length:

Fifty bricks of South American cocaine wrapped in Nazi symbols destined for Belgium were intercepted by law enforcement in Peru, authorities said.

Anti-narcotics officers discovered 58 kilograms of the packaged drugs with the Nazi swastika affixed to them, authorities said, according to AFT. Some of the packages had the word Hitler inscribed on the packed-in white powder.

A Liberian-flagged boat was allegedly transporting the drugs, authorities said.

The boat originally set sail from an Ecuadorian port city before it was searched in a Peruvian city close to the border of two countries, AFP reported.

One might be tempted to dismiss this as some South American drug cartel’s idea of a very bad joke, and to think there is nothing more to the story, but I beg to differ, and herewith offer my high octane speculation  of the day.  As I’ve mentioned throughout many books on the topic of my hypothesized “Nazi International” (including a book by that title), this international group had deep roots in during and after the war in South America, and not just I but also drug traffic and drug cartel researcher Henrik Kruger (The Great Heroin Coup)  have noted the deep symbiosis between the Latin American drug cartels and this post-war Nazi International, the latter often acting as “security” for the cartels, and even training their forces and conducting “wet operations” for them, and doubtless using their international corporate connections to move “cargo” of all types, and to launder money.  To make my point clearer, I have long suspected that this relationship runs so deep that it is often very difficult to distinguish where one group leaves off and the other begins.

With that in mind, consider carefully what the article is saying: (1) Fifty bricks of cocaine, or about 58 kilograms of the stuff – a major shipment by any estimation and therefore worth much money – was (2) on its way to Belgium (3) on a ship flagged to Liberia (4) from an Ecuadorian port when (5) it was intercepted and seized in Peru by Peruvian police.  So at a minimum we have a four-country participation: Ecuador, Belgium, Liberia, and Peru. And with Liberia and its historic connections to the post-Civil War USA, one may reasonably assume there is some sort of American connection.

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