‘Sick To My Stomach’: Whistleblower Shares How Texas Hospital Rushes Kids Into Sex Changes


by Laurel Duggan, The Daily Caller:

Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital are rushing children into cross-sex medical interventions and minimizing the objections of parents, according to an anonymous whistleblower account published by Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

The whistleblower worked with Dr. Richard Roberts, who prescribed puberty blockers, testosterone and estrogen and wrote referral letters for double mastectomies for children with gender identity issues, many of whom were autistic or had mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, she told Rufo. The whistleblower, along with several other employees, believes the practice is inflicting irreversible harm on children but is afraid of being fired for speaking out.

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“I’m absolutely sick to my stomach … sometimes I have to go outside and cry, because, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I truly feel like there is a demonic presence at my workplace,” the whistleblower told Rufo. “And I’m so 100% against this whole ideology and this movement of children just feeling like they were born in the wrong body and then being ‘affirmed’ by adults who want to take advantage of them and make a buck.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton determined in February 2022 that child medical transitions constituted a form of child abuse under existing law. Texas Children’s announced that it would stop providing cross-sex medical procedures to minors in February 2022, but Paxton launched an investigation into the institution following a May 16, 2023 report that it was still providing the procedures to children.

In one instance, a doctor asked a 10-year-old girl who had begun identifying as a boy if she was uncomfortable with her menstrual period and wanted it to go away, according to the account. The doctor used male pronouns and the child’s new, male name while telling her that she didn’t have to have periods anymore.

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