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by Mike Whitney, The Unz Review:

“Of all the endangered species, Truth is the most endangered. I am watching it go out.” Paul Craig Roberts, September 4, 2019

What makes Paul Craig Roberts’ writing so powerful, is his ability to cut through false narratives and identify the elite agendas that are shaping events. This is the work of a truth-teller which is the designation that is typically applied to Roberts. The term refers to a person of deep moral convictions who devotes his life to exposing the lies and fabrications of the state and its corrupt allies. This is what Roberts has been doing for more than 40 years, and this is why thousands of people around the world flock to his website every day. They know his posts will be hard-hitting, well-researched and engrossing. More importantly, they know he will make every effort to bring them the unvarnished truth just as he has for more than four decades.


Roberts’ latest collection of essays, titled Empire Of Lies, is an assortment of articles that show the remarkable scope and depth of the author’s knowledge. Frequent visitors to his website will notice some familiar themes here while other topics may not have been as thoroughly explored. For example, there are many essays on the fragile US economy, the “experimental” Covid-19 vaccine, the war in Ukraine, the stolen presidential election and the January 6 fraud. At the same time, there are a number of other articles that one might not typically associate with Roberts. These include a short but riveting post on 9-11, ominous reflections on the year 2022, the manipulation of the bullion markets, and an astonishing piece titled “Germany did not Start World War 2”. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

“The aims of the National Socialist German Workers Party (was) to correct the unemployment caused by unjust reparations forced on Germany… following World War 1 and to put Germany… back together.

World War 2 began when the Churchill government and the French… declared war on Germany.……

The German leader, Adolf Hitler, had reacquired German territories given to Denmark, France and Czechoslovakia by the humiliating Versailles Treaty and had united with German Austria without war…. The British guarantee emboldened the Polish military dictatorship to refuse to negotiate the return of German territory…. All Hitler contributed was to force countries given German territory by the Versailles Treaty to release the lands and the Germans, who were heavily persecuted in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Hitler’s restoration of Germany’s national boundaries was misrepresented in the British and US press as ‘German aggression.’....

This fake news story of German aggression was used to to build the case that Germany, which was merely recovering its national territory, and rescuing German people from persecution in Czechoslovakia and Poland, was an aggressor with world conquest as its goal…

Hitler stated many times that he did not want, or intend, war with Britain and France and only intended to recover the lost German populations stolen from Germany by the unjust Versailles Treaty.” Empire Of Lies, Paul Craig Roberts, Korsgaard Publishing, page 280, 2023

In these few paragraphs, Roberts obliterates the foundation upon which our understanding of World War 2 rests. The author challenges the ideas that:

  1. That Hitler started the war
  2. And that Poland represented the first step in Hitler’s broader plan to conquer the world.

If neither of these is true, then we need to ask ourselves why Hitler’s invasion of Poland was used as a pretext for a full-blown world war instead of treated as a regional ‘border dispute’ as one would expect? Clearly, there was no need for France and England to declare war on Germany when Germany was simply gathering back the territories it had lost after Versailles. Had cooler heads prevailed, World War 2 could have been avoided. Here’s more from the text:

“During his political rise, Hitler had hardly concealed his attempt to dislodge Germany’s tiny Jewish population from the stranglehold they had gained over German media and finance, and instead run the country in the best interests of the 99% German majority, a proposal that provoked the bitter hostility of Jews everywhere. Indeed, immediately after he came into office, a major London newspaper had carried a memorable 1933 headline announcing that the Jews of the world had declared war on Germany, and were organizing an international boycott to starve the Germans into submission.” (Empire Of Lies, Paul Craig Roberts, Korsgaard Publishing, page 286, 2023)

This is another astonishing excerpt that conflicts with historical narratives propagated in the West. In the United States, students are told that Hitler’s treatment of the Jews was fueled by his insatiable antisemitism, but here the author suggests that there were social and economic reasons for his policies as well. That doesn’t diminish the gravity of Hitler’s depredations, but it does create a more plausible explanation for why events unfolded the way they did. At the very least, Roberts provides a thought-provoking analysis that veers from the oversimplified “Hitler was a homicidal maniac” narrative that is used to answer every question and to effectively blunt critical thinking. In contrast, Roberts’ treatment of the topic generates curiosity which points the reader in the direction of more research which is the author’s intention.

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