MI5’s BBC Institutes Orwell’s Ministry of Truth


by Declan Hayes, Strategic Culture:

The British people do not want to hear the BBC. That is why their viewing numbers are so dire and why they must terrorise vulnerable grandmothers with their courts and their gulags.

Though pinioned as he is for all eternity on Lucifer’s sharpest tridents, MI5 agent George Orwell can treat himself to the wryest of smiles. MI5 have not only honoured this pervert with his own statue outside of their BBC head office but they have now installed Marianna Spring as Tsarina of the BBC’s Orwellian named Ministry of Truth.

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

Spring has all the credentials. She studied Russian, the language the BBC wants us to believe Orwell’s neighbours speak in hell, at Oxford, having first been Head Girl at Suton High School. And, as this excellent American profile of her attests, she can now read maps, even if she can do this with nowhere near the rigour of the highly-recommended Defence Politics Asia.

Let’s also clarify that we are speaking in the main of the BBC World Service and not of their gardening or motoring correspondents. The BBC Word Service is not regulated by OFCOM but instead reports directly to the Foreign Office, to MI6 in other words, which not only dictates the BBC’s policy but ensures it fully complies with NATO’s war objectives.

Let’s cut to the chase here. As NATO’s primary propaganda organ, the BBC is a criminal, terrorist organisation, as is each and every BBC employee who helps either to propagate their lies or to cover the rampant child sex abuse, which is integral to their corporate culture. Let’s expand on that by means of two statues which adorn the front of BBC’s London HQ.

The first of these is of the notorious British spy, George Orwell, whose back story is shredded into a million pieces here. Orwell was a sectarian bigot, a plagiarist, a racist and an MI5 spy, a foul piece of humanity in other words, but the perfect specimen to adorn the HQ of this nest of sex pests, spies, and outright charlatans.

The other statue adorning the front of the BBC’s HQ to note is by Eric Gill, who was also one of the twentieth century’s most notorious child rapists.

As was, of course, the notorious Jimmy Savile, whom the BBC employed for decades, even though it was widely known what that cigar muncher was up to with the boys, girls and dead bodies that monster raped. Savile was not the only monster the BBC allowed hide in plain sight; there were, for starters, Sir Ted Heath, Lord BoothbyTom Driberg MP and the BBC should be held accountable for each and every one of their crimes of collusion, for their sins of both omission and commission in other words.

George Orwell was not MI5’s only BBC mole. MI5 actually set up this bloated propaganda outfit and overtly and covertly chose all its staff for decades. Though one would have to be very naive to believe that they still do not do so, there is evidence aplenty to show that this is still the case.

First off is the thoroughly obnoxious Andrew Marr, who cackled like one of MacBeth’s witches from the steps of Tony Blair’s office when the RAF first began strafing the orphanages and hospitals of Bagdad; if anyone deserves to be at the end of a rope over British war crimes in Iraq, it is that revolting war crimes’ apologist and every single BBC employee who collaborated with him.

And then, as this excellent website shows, there is Syria and Libya, where the BBC worked hand in hand with the scum of the Muslim Brotherhood and of ISIS, who allowed them drive through their checkpoints unimpeded and helped them stage their false flags attacks on hospitals which, if BBC propagandists like David Nott is to be believed, ISIS had wherever it was the heroes of the Syrian Army targeted for attack. The BBC in Syria, as they were in Libya and Serbia and as they are in Ukraine, are direct combatants in the war and, as per the Geneva Convention, they should be treated as all other combatants who don’t don uniforms.

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