Governments paid $195 billion for Covid Vaccines which caused 36 million deaths


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

Ballpark figures compiled by retired investment consultant Peter Halligan on his Substack page titled ‘Peter’s Newsletter’ show that covid, now that all is officially said and done, completely drained the economy of its lifeblood while callously ending the lives of millions upon millions of people in the name of “public health.”

One major elephant in the room as far as the death counts go is that people were mostly still alive until the rollout of vaccination programmes. Once that happened and the injections started going into people’s arms, deaths began to skyrocket.


Halligan uses publicly available high-level information to establish global “ballpark” estimates of:

  • the number of covid deaths that could have been avoided using ivermectin, for example, as a treatment – 6 million;
  • deaths by covid vaccination – 36 million; and,
  • the cost of administering safe and effective treatment, ivermectin, versus the cost of unsafe and ineffective covid “vaccines” – $160 million versus $195,000 million.

Please note:  Although we’re sure Halligan would appreciate constructive feedback, his intention is not to produce estimates that are precise or will withstand in-depth scrutiny, he is merely attempting to provide an overview that will make us think about the enormity of the crimes that have been committed since the covid era began.

“Covid Deaths”

Worldometer data shows that as of 30 December 2020, total deaths were still under two million. One year later in late 2021, however, the cumulative number of deaths recorded nearly tripled, reaching 5,488,817. And one year after that in December of 2022, more than 1.2 million were added to the official death count which increased to 6,714,164.

Bear in mind that 95% of the almost 2 million covid deaths during 2020 had 2-6 comorbidities, Halligan said. Also, the average age at the time of death was 1-2 years longer than the average life expectancy and the RT-PCR test was not intended to determine infections and therefore the cause of death.

Are Halligan’s assumptions wild exaggerations? A cursory look at some publications indicates they are not.

In the UK, as reported in The Telegraph in November 2020, the average life expectancy is 81.1 years, according to the Office for National Statistics.  And the average age of coronavirus victims was 82.4 years, 1.3 years older than life expectancy.

In May 2021, Aljazeera reported that more than 80% of covid deaths occurred in people over the age of 65. Aljazeera doesn’t note the period the statistics refer to we could assume it was current at the time of the report.  Aljazeera goes on to note that although age is the biggest risk factor for becoming seriously ill with covid, certain underlying health conditions, known as “comorbidities”, also increase the risk of becoming seriously ill.

Using comorbidity data from the public health websites of fifty US States, a 2021 paper estimated that 92.8% of covid deaths up to December 2020 were associated with pre-existing comorbidity. But certain comorbidities also increase the risk of becoming seriously ill “as a result of catching covid.”  The study authors noted that “the risk of mortality associated with at least one comorbidity combined was 1113 times higher than that with no comorbidity.”

Similarly, a study of all covid cases in 2020 in Ontario, Canada, found comorbidities were associated with a higher risk of covid mortality and severity in people under 50 years old. People with five or more comorbidities in the below 50 years age group had 395.44 times higher risk of mortality compared to those without, the study authors wrote. “We found that solid organ transplant, dementia, chronic kidney disease, severe mental illness, CVD, hypertension, COPD, cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV, and asthma were associated with mortality or severity. Our study highlights that the number of comorbidities was a strong risk factor for deaths and severe outcomes among younger individuals with covid-19.”

In addition to age and comorbidities, “death by healer” should also be factored into deaths labelled as died with covid.  “Iatrogenic death from Remdesivir or Midazolam and morphine, ventilators, psychological and physical torture of the elderly and infirm in medical settings, failure to treat existing and emerging health conditions (non-covid), failure to prescribe antibiotics (WHO advice) and so on are included in covid deaths, rather than as murders,” Halligan noted.

Repurposed Drugs Demonised

Earlier this year, a group of doctors filed a lawsuit against the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for their various attempts at preventing ivermectin from being prescribed to treat covid. In addition to banning a particular use of a drug once it is otherwise approved and admitted to the market, the lawsuit documents state the FDA overstepped its authority by “directing the public, including health professionals and patients, not to use ivermectin to treat covid.”  But the FDA didn’t stop there.

There was a coordinated campaign amongst the agencies to limit the use of ivermectin. As reported by The Federalist, Dr. Pierre Kory described the collusion among the FDA, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), and corporate media as a massive disinformation campaign.

In August 2021, for example, the FDA tweeted out their article ‘Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent Covid’ with the caption “You are not a horse.  You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it.”

“For two weeks, all you heard was ‘horse dewormer’,” Dr. Kory said. “And the effects were massive. Hospitals started removing it from their formularies, pharmacists stopped filling [prescriptions]. Doctors became scared to prescribe because they didn’t want to go against the agencies and take the risks on their licenses.”

Read more: The Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 3, Dr. Pierrre Kory, 6 December 2022 and The Global Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin, “The Fix”

How many needless Covid deaths might have been prevented if not for this false public intimidation campaign?  Halligan estimates 6 million.

According to Halligan, maybe as many as 85% of all deaths globally from covid were preventable from May 2020 onwards. Ivermectin (“IVM”) treatment protocols had been proven as a safe and effective prophylactic and early to mid-stage cure by May 2020.  Globally, “the decision NOT to use IVM/HCQ [hydroxychloroquine] treatment protocols from May 2020 onwards cost around 6 million lives,” Halligan said.

Is this an exaggeration?  Not according to a large 2021 study from Brazil on the impact of using ivermectin as a prophylaxis for covid.  The study found that regular users of the drug experienced up to a 92% reduction in mortality compared to those who did not. According to Worldometer, as of 28 December 2022, there have been 6,714,164 covid deaths worldwide – 92% of those deaths equates to 6,177,030 people.

Vaccine-Induced Deaths

In addition to those who lost their lives by being denied known to be safe and effective treatments, some have lost their lives due to covid “vaccines.”

In an attempt to gauge how many died from the “vaccines,” Halligan began with global all-cause deaths from Oxford University’s Our World in Data website, excluding India.

“The horrific genocide from the Oxford/AstraZeneca injections remains censored, it is monstrous and has happened in India where the Oxford/AstraZeneca viral vector injection has been licensed to the Serum Institute,” Halligan wrote.

Further reading: Is India adequately assessing the deaths reported after Covid-19 vaccines? Quartz, 18 March 2021

Halligan then used the European Union Drug Regulating Authorities Pharmacovigilance, EudraVigilance, adverse event data to estimate deaths by vaccine manufacturer and then extrapolated that globally.  Halligan detailed the assumptions and workings to arrive at his estimate of global potential deaths due to vaccines.

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