There’s nothing more dangerous on planet Earth than a cornered rat like this one.


from State Of The Nation:

BEWARE! The ICC arrest warrant
for war criminal Netanyahu puts
the entire world at great risk……

…because the genocidal regime ruling the Zionist
State of Israel will do anything to both (i) distract
the world’s attention from this major geopolitical development and (ii) throw the entire planetary civilization into the kinetic phase of a World
War III scenario as a means of overwhelming the
extraordinarily profound significance and far-
reaching ramifications of the ICC’s scathing
indictment alleging genocide.


All of which means ANYTHING GOES, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, for the remainder of 2024.

Which also means that folks everywhere ought to exercise a heightened degree of situational awareness as never before.  In light of the slow-motion intensification of the Zombie Apocalypse, that’s always a good idea going forward.

When war criminal “Bibi the Butcher” Netanyahu does everything in his power to incite the daffy U.S. Congress to pushback again the ICC arrest warrant, and the House and Senate both react like a puppet on a string, things are about to get very  dicey indeed.

First of all, it’s of paramount importance to understand just who Polish Jew Benjamin Netanyahu really is.

Bibi Netanyahu is the Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia in Israel

It’s also critical for the American people to comprehend the true intentions of the Zionist State of Israel toward the USA, and especially Netanyahu’s role in the long-planned takedown.  As follows:

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