The Sun Is Not Done Yet – Another Absolutely Gigantic “Warning Shot” Was Just Sent Our Way


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

The sun just unleashed a monstrous X-class flare, and hardly anyone noticed.  The X8.7 solar flare that we just witnessed was the largest one of this entire solar cycle.  The good news is that it wasn’t a threat to our planet at all.  Radio activity was affected in some areas of the globe for a while, but other than that there was no danger.  But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be paying attention.  As I have been warning my readers, the giant ball of fire that we revolve around has been behaving very erratically in recent years.  If solar activity continues to increase, it is just a matter of time before our planet gets hit really hard.


According to CBS News, the X8.7 flare that the sun unleashed on Tuesday “peaked just before 1 p.m. ET”…

The giant solar explosions of energy and light aren’t over yet. Officials said on Tuesday that the sun just emitted another major solar flare – and that it’s the strongest one so far in the current solar cycle.

The latest flare peaked just before 1 p.m. ET, NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center said, with an X-class rating of X8.7. X-class solar flares are the strongest of solar flares, which are described by NASA as “giant explosions on the sun that send energy, light and high speed particles into space.” The center said the flare was an R3 or “strong” flare, meaning it could have caused wide area blackouts of high-frequency radio communications for about an hour on the sunlit side of Earth. It also may have caused low-frequency navigation signal issues for the same period of time.

We had not seen a solar flare of this magnitude in a long time.

Is there a possibility that even stronger solar flares could be coming?

The X8.7 flare originated from sunspot AR3664.  At one point that sunspot was roughly 124,000 miles across and could actually be seen from Earth.

Last week, the NOAA warned that sunspot AR3664 continued “to grow and increase in magnetic complexity”

The flare came out of the sunspot dubbed 3664. That spot, combined with region 3663, makes up a cluster “much larger than Earth,” NOAA said last week. And as of last Thursday, 3664 was only continuing “to grow and increase in magnetic complexity and has evolved into a higher threat of increased solar flare risk.”

I have not been able to find any news source that says that it is still growing.

Coming into Tuesday, officials had issued a G2 geomagnetic storm watch

The SWPC had issued a G2 “moderate” Geomagnetic Storm Watch for Tuesday, but said watches at that level are not uncommon. To compare, Friday’s geomagnetic storms reached the top G5 “extreme” level.

A G2 geomagnetic storm, if lasting long enough, could potentially impact power grids, like transformer damage, and could force corrective actions on spacecraft. But they usually do nothing more than trigger a round of Northern Lights that could stretch as far south as some northern and Upper Midwest states from New York to Idaho.

Thankfully, the threat has passed and we are no longer in any danger.

For now.

Personally, I consider this to be another “warning shot” that was sent in our direction.

But unless there is some sort of major disaster, most people simply do not care.

Sadly, most people are just going to keep doing what they are doing no matter how many “warning shots” we get.

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