Just in: Senior FBI agents knew Garland’s plan to storm Mar-a-Lago with heavily-armed agents was INSANE…


from Revolver News:

The Biden Regime was angling for a bloodbath at Mar-a-Lago. Why else would Merrick Garland authorize the use of deadly force against a former US president? Now that the cat’s out of the bag and the American people have discovered just how macabre and sinister this regime truly is and how desperate they are to get rid of Trump, the left-wing janitorial crew is scrambling to clean up. They’re claiming what went down at Mar-a-Lago was just ‘business as usual. If you buy that, you probably also believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election with 81 million “legal” votes, and you’re beyond help. Actually, conservative pundit and podcaster Charlie Kirk said it best:

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If you are dumb enough to believe it’s standard operating procedure for the FBI to:

– Raid a former president’s home
– Authorize lethal force against “FPOTUS” and staff
– Prepare to confront US Secret Service
– War game possible casualties with a medic on standby
– Because of a documents dispute…

Than you are an enemy of America.

Let’s not forget that Merrick Garland himself authorized the search. This wasn’t just any routine operation, and the American people know it. Bannon believes Biden’s grubby fingerprints are all over this. He points to Trump’s declassification of the classified documents that could send Obama and his cronies down the river.

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