Fake News: Leftist Media Claims Tucker Carlson Launched A Show On Russian State TV


by Steve Watson, Modernity News:

“Totally false”

Newsweek has repeated a completely false claim that Tucker Carlson has launched a show on a state-controlled Russian television channel.

Citing a state owned Russian newspaper, Newsweek suggested that Carlson is creating content for the Russia 24 channel.

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Leftists immediately swallowed the story whole and charged that Carlson is “quite literally, a mouthpiece of the Russian state.”

Neocon Bill Kristol tweeted that Carlson  “has now embraced his master,” referring to Vladimir Putin, before deleting the post when it became clear the entire story was horse shit.

Carlson himself remarked, “It’s all fake obviously, like most stories in American news media. Of course I have no partnership with Russia. The first I’d heard anything about this was (this) morning.”

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