Did MOSSAD just assassinate the Iranian President as revenge for the unprecedented drone/missile attack on Israel?! Or was he kidnapped?


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: The real problem here for Tel Aviv is that NO ONE believes them anymore.  In point of fact, it would be hard to find any country within the entire world community of nations that ever believed a single word coming out of the Zionist State of Israel. See: IRANIAN PRESIDENT JUST ASSASSINATED BY ISRAEL???

In other words, even Israel’s allies (are there any left anywhere in the world) don’t trust a single word coming from the utterly barbaric Netanyahu regime.

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Not only that, but the hardcore Zionist government has already proven that there’s no war crime, no terrorist act, no crime against humanity, that is too heinous and ruthless to commit. And, the genocidal maniacs don’t even care that everyone watches their murderous and thieving crime sprees in broad daylight.

So, now we come to the painfully obvious assassination of Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi.

First of all, why did only his chopper go down?

Who did not know that Netanyahu’s war cabinet would exact revenge for the “unprecedented drone/missile attack on Israel” in a very stealthy way; and at a certain place and time of their very careful choosing. MOSSAD is, after all, the world’s expert at creating a perfect set of circumstances which permits them to claim “plausible deniability”.

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