Bird Flu: Our Next P(L)andemic?


by Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, The Tenpenny Report:

To be sure your pulse rate doesn’t drop all the way back to normal after Covid has pretty much receded, we’re steadily getting news of HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza) a.k.a Bird Flu.

It’s a long known influenza A virus, that’s waxed and waned, mostly in birds, for decades.

This time around, called H5N1, it’s not going away so quickly.

And the news from the main stream media make it sound like its wiping out multi-thousand strong flocks of layers and broiler chickens.


Those numbers are a result of mass “culling” (read: killing) as a means of trying to control the spread of this virus.

It’s not worked well, and the fact that’s being ignored, as farmer/philosopher Joel Salatin points out in this article in Brownstone Institute [Why Are the Chickens So Sick?] is the gross overcrowding and the unsanitary conditions that accompany mass bird raising.

But, as in any epidemic, all those birds don’t succumb to the disease, and no one is being allowed to let the disease run its course, breed the survivors, and build strong natural resistance in their flock.

And, as Joel wisely asks,

“Are the experts funneling information to the public more trustworthy than those who controlled press releases during 2020’s covid outbreak?

If thinking people learned only one thing from the covid pandemic, it was that official government narratives are politically slanted and often untrue.”

Wait. GoF Again?

It’s come to light that we’ve got the same gain of function (GoF) research going on with bird flu as we had with the coronavirus that leaked and ended up selling millions of doses of unsafe, non-efficacious vaccine, making several rich individuals immensely richer.

And, once again, China/US collaboration is at the center of it.

The concerning part of this gain of function research?

It’s being done in Mallard ducks, who, as the link above points out, are damn near worldwide, and migrate, so a wide spread of the lab tweaked virus is highly likely.

Cow and Cats

You’ve probably heard by now this same virus has been found in dairy cattle.

And has spread among their species as the cows moved interstate.

While the cows have been only mildly ill or asymptomatic, research shows the virus concentrates in their milk and some of the farm cats who drank that milk and colostrum have died. (It’s not been ruled out that the cats had also fed on wild birds, but it seems pretty safe to assume the milk products were the culprit.)

Photo by Couleur on Pixabay

Are raw diets safe?

The jury is out.

The beef industry and FDA is scrambling to test their product and their current advice is, as expected, cook it well.

Ditto for the conventional veterinarians.

No surprise there, right? Most have never been on board with raw feeding and some go to great lengths to glove up to even examine a raw fed pet.

I’ll opine that a healthy dog or cat, on the Natural Path I speak of, will continue to do fine eating raw food.

Those on the Dreadful Path (vaccines annually, poisons for every pest, and kibble as their mainstay)?

They probably ought to stay away from raw meat until the data is clearer. Their systems may not be healthy enough to resist infection if the virus turns up in meat.

Also, no surprise, raw milk is getting attacked. “We’re only finding fragments of dead H5N1 viruses in pasteurized milk with our PCR testing…” so ya better avoid that cursed raw.

But that’s from those who’ve never advocated fresh raw milk, so out comes your grain of salt, if you’re a thinking person.

News Consumers: Beware

In short, I’d suggest a healthy skepticism on this entire subject from any MSM (main stream media) source.

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