We’re now at the point where The Powers That Be must start sacrificing their top frontmen…..


from State Of The Nation:

…as Satan as always does when even the heat in hell’s kitchen gets too hot.

SOTN Editor’s Note: There’s no question that the meticulously organized and long-planned biowar, which included a one-two punch strategy known as (i) the COVID-19 Plandemic and (i) Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, was a disaster BY HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.

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For those who populate the very peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid knew full well that it would eventually come to this given their fatally flawed conspiratorial plot to depopulate the planet and commit genocide against the historically white Christian nations.
That it is now 2024 and there have been no prosecutions is probably the biggest surprise for TPTB in light of the sheer enormity and gravity of their ongoing Covid crime spree. However, with vax truth-telling on the Internet going full bore, we are very close to a dam break. Simply put, in the absence of a global Internet shutdown, there is now mathematical certainty that there will soon be a free-fall collapse of the Covid ‘vaccine’ cover-up.

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