The Covid-19 Psych-Op, The Invasion, Drugs & Radical Environmentalism: In The Long Run, It’s All About The Globalists Taking Our Land By Any & Every Means Necessary


by Anthony Emmanuelli, All News Pipeline:

There are many ways the government can hijack, seize, appropriate, and subsequently take control of land:

– utilize eminent domain to take private property (and even personal and intellectual property), allegedly for public use and for public benefit;

– give the green light to the CDC to enact “eviction moratoriums” in the name of protecting the public from Covid-19 so that the private property rights of landlords are nullified and destroyed;


– expand existing national monuments, and even create new ones, with the result that the land earmarked for “protection” becomes off limits to the recreational pursuits of Americans as well as becoming off limits to drilling, mining, and exploration;

– create and enforce environmental and operational regulations on American farmers and ranchers which increase their compliance costs and the number of permits required to stay in business, with the objective of bankrupting them so that they become motivated to abandon their land;

– if that doesn’t work, introduce diseases (such as Bird Flu) that infect even one animal, thereby forcing ranchers to cull their entire herds and flocks so that shortages of animal-based protein occur (to be replaced by bugs, according to the WEF);

– if the first two don’t work, simply set on fire large swaths of land in the Texas Panhandle as revenge and have the Texas Forest Service bulldoze surrounding land that wasn’t even burned by the fires (and yes, this actually happened, according to the ranchers);

– invent “Carbon Capture” technology for the purpose of blazing a pipeline right through miles and miles of open land, with the result that the landowners along the proposed pipeline (mainly in South Dakota) are being threatened by greedy Carbon Capture companies (and all of this, allegedly, to save Mother Earth);

– raise taxes on the transfer of home and business assets in America so that the heirs of the home or business may have no other choice than to sell their assets in order to pay the taxes;

– empower multi-trillion dollar asset management firms like BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street, to snatch up single-family homes once they are available for sale, so that those homes become out of reach for American families;

– develop ESG policies which designate nitrogen oxide, nitrous oxide, and ammonia as “pollutants” in the name of reducing carbon emissions when the actual goal is to regulate farm animals out of existence and put thousands of farmers out of work (this has been happening for quite some time in the Netherlands, most of Western Europe, and India, and has already led to starvation conditions in Sri Lanka);

– inform tenants and property owners that their homes are “too large” and they must sacrifice their abodes in order to make way for illegal aliens (this is happening right now in Great Britain);

– allow illegal aliens to camp out in parks, tennis courts, recreational centers, former military installations, golf courses, and any open land that was formerly utilized (and enjoyed) by the American public;

– permit vultures like Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party to buy up all the acreage of American farmland that they want (for their own nefarious purposes);

– pass laws that encourage squatters to occupy residences, while simultaneously making it extremely difficult if not impossible for the owners to evict them.

The next three involve murder: 

– load up the so-called Covid “vaccines” with spike proteins, lipid nanoparticles, and graphene oxide which, in due time, will incapacitate their recipients (if they haven’t already), leaving their homes and their land vacant (due to the fact that they’re either dead or in the hospital) and hopefully without vaccine-free occupants;

– incinerate Lahaina on the island of Maui and instruct the cops to block all exit routes from the fire, leaving the owners of the land and their prospective heirs to burn to death. As governor Josh Green said to a reporter on television: “I’m already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land”, when it was never the state’s land to begin with: it belongs to any and all survivors of the fire in Lahaina (I think the proximity of Lanai to Lahaina has a lot to do with why that city was selected to be burned to the ground, and everything about Lanai as well as Maui’s “Smart City” conference in January of 2023 is worth looking into);

– arm criminal illegal alien males with guns for the purpose of killing Americans who own or occupy land in this country with the result that the land and the property of innocent American men, women, and children is taken by force. This operation will begin over the next few months, probably sometime in the summer. The main target will be the Midwest, the Heartland: areas where there is lots of wide open space which has been inhabited by American families for generations. I am absolutely sure that this is going to happen and that this is America’s future. This is why a compromised and insane federal judge in Illinois recently ruled that it is within the Second Amendment rights of illegal aliens to carry guns. This ruling was specifically made at this point in time to facilitate the takeover of American land and the murder of American families. 

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