Microplastics Causing Cancer Cells to Spread


by Jack Montgomery, The National Pulse:

Cancer cells that come into contact with plastic particles less than 0.25 micrometers in size are more likely to spread, causing the disease to metastasize throughout the body. The research was led by Professor Lukas Kenner of the University of Vienna and found most micro- and nanoplastics in the human body enter through the digestive system.

“The study’s findings are an indication that plastic not only resides in tumor cells but also accelerates the outgrowth of these cells,” said Kenner, stressing that the research scared him, “and I hope it scares other people too.”

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“Governments and businesses must fund research into the impact of plastic on human health and work to eradicate this dangerous pollutant from our daily lives,” he added.

Previous research has suggested that people could consume over 1,000 microplastics a year through table salt alone. Of 16,000 components recently cataloged in plastic products, around 4,200 — over a quarter — are “persistent, bioaccumulative, mobile and/or toxic” in the human body.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) has projected a 77 percent increase in cancer cases worldwide by 2050.

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