LGBTQ+ Women’s Football Team With 5 Trans Players Crushes Opposition After Leg Break Accusations


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

An ‘LGBTQ+’ women’s football team that featured five transgender players easily won a tournament in Australia after other teams were warned they would be engaging in “discrimination” by refusing to play, despite accusations one of the trans players had broken an opponent’s leg in two places.

Yes, really.


Flying Bats FC completely dominated the Beryl Ackroyd Cup competition, beating one team 10-0 in a match that saw one of the transgender players score a double hat-trick.

“Since winning Sunday’s final in Sydney, Australia, 4-0, it has emerged that organisers had earlier held a crisis meeting, during which rival teams were warned that forfeiting games against the Bats would result in disciplinary action and could even be viewed as “an act of discrimination,” reports the Telegraph.

“The same meeting included accusations that a 6ft 2in, 14st Bats player had once broken the leg of 5ft 6in, nine-and-a-half stone opponent in two places and claims 24 of the injured player’s team-mates had quit because they did not want to face the LGBTQ+ side.”

Parents were so concerned that in some instances, they refused to let their daughters play in the competition for fear of getting seriously injured.

“Our girls are here to play for fun and expect to play in the female competition. They did not sign up for a mixed competition,” said one senior club official, adding, “It was so disheartening for them to see the huge ­difference in ability – they’re killing it.”

Despite transgender players being allowed to compete in women’s football in Australia at grass roots level, safety concerns were elevated when John Ruddick MP leaked audio of one club president complaining about how, “A couple of years ago, one of the Flying Bats players broke one of our players’ legs in a game. She’s no longer playing football.”

“This could have been avoided because my 5ft 6in player, who didn’t even weigh 60 kilos, against a 6ft 2in player, who was 89 kilos, in a really bad crunching tackle broke her leg,” he added.

However, the president of the Flying Bats, which calls itself “the biggest LGBTQIA+ women’s and non-binary football club in the world,” glibly responded by asserting, “Trans women belong in the women’s competition because that is the gender with which they identify.”

That didn’t wash with campaigner Kirralie Smith of Binary Australia, who posted on X, “Your misogynist policy that protects males in female sports is forcing girls to self-exclude. It is unfair and unsafe. You are cowards hiding behind bad laws that disadvantage females.”

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