Brazil just days away from collapsing into a North Korea-style police state


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

A near-repeat of what happened right here in the United States with the stolen 2020 election, Brazil is in the throes of a globalist takeover, this after the Brazilian people elected a populist candidate similar to Donald Trump by the name of Jair Bolsonaro.

According to reports, Brazil is well on its way in a matter of days to becoming much like North Korea as the new globalist government cracks down on free speech with a serious vengeance.


The saga really took a turn for the worse when Brazil’s new government launched a war against Elon Musk and his X social media platform. Musk was told that he has to follow new censorship rules or else be fined, and his response is defiance and a warning that he is about to drop another truth bomb, this time about corruption in the Brazilian government.

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Brazilian Attorney General Jorge Messias declared, following Musk’s defiance, that “we cannot tolerate a society where billionaires residing abroad wield control over social networks, flout legal orders, and intimidate our authorities.”

“It’s imperative to regulate social networks,” Messias continued.

Brazil v. Musk

Using the excuse of prolific “hate speech” on the platform, Brazil’s Supreme Court wants Musk to crack down on accounts that spread “misinformation” or really anything in opposition to the new ruling government.

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered a full investigation into Musk, after which X’s Global Government Affairs account confirmed that “certain popular accounts in Brazil” have been blocked from the platform, per the government’s orders.

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X is thus far restricted from revealing which accounts have been blocked, and the platform has confirmed that even it does not know why the posts were removed or what laws were supposedly violated by their content.

On Saturday, Musk defied the Brazilian government’s orders by announcing that all censored accounts would be fully reinstated because to keep them censored is unconstitutional, in his view.

De Moraes, after Musk ordered him to resign or face impeachment, accused Musk of launching a “disinformation campaign,” “instigating the disobedience and obstruction of justice,” and “declaring that the platform will terminate compliance with the orders issued by the Brazilian Court related to blocking profiles, criminals and who spread fraudulent news.”

X will be fined $20,000 per day, per account, for each account reactivation, according to the Brazilian government.

“The Brazilian left hated him until he took on the role of chief censor and began censoring, apparently, almost everybody who the Brazilian left regarded as their enemy,” commented independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, who was once charged with committing “cybercrime” in Brazil, about de Moraes.

“Especially, Bolsanaro supporters. Including ordering members of Congress arrested and journalists having their homes searched and seized, and now he’s a hero to the Brazilian left.”

Greenwald notes that anyone who questions the judge “will be called a defender of fascism even though what this judge is most known for is this very extreme censorship regime that was even a bridge too far for The New York Times.”

At least five people were jailed by de Moraes for posting things on social media that were deemed to be an attack on Brazilian institutions. De Moraes did not even order these people to remove the offending posts, nor did he censor them – he simply proceeded to jail them without a trial.

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