by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Every now and then a story occurs that so occupies the focus of everyone’s  attention that it requires some sort of response or acknowledgement, and the story of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, after a container ship collided with one of the load-bearing pylons of the bridge, causing it to collapse, is one of those stories.  Sadly, there was loss of the lives of some construction workers working on the bridge on the night of the incident.  Happily, however, the incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, long after and long before any evening or early morning rush hours. Had the incident occurred then, the loss of life would have been much more significant.

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In the case of this story, I have received several emails from regular readers of this website wondering what I think of what happened. Unfortunately, my commitments this previous week and through the weekend have been so heavy that where under normal circumstances I would have already responded, I was simply unable to do so. But in the course of the passage of time and days since the incident and now, my email inbox has exploded with articles and interpretations of the incident. It will, perhaps, be immediately evident to regular readers here that I am calling the event an “incident,” and not an accident. For reasons that I shall eventually get into when I offer my own personal views of the incident, I do not believe the emerging “accident” narrative.  Suffice it to say that when I first heard of the bridge’s collapse and the manner of it, and the quick announcement by the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) that there was nothing to indicate foul play or terrorism, or whatever they said, I immediately rejected that explanation as a matter of principle since this government is incapable of honourable conduct, or of telling the truth, about anything.  But for the moment I will leave the other reasons for my skepticism for Part Two of this blog.

For today, however, I thought the readers of this website might appreciate a “round-up” of various articles and examinations of the incident. I do not claim this is a comprehensive nor an exhaustive collection, but I do think it is relatively well-representative of all the analysis that has already occurred.  I will also attempt to provide a brief annotation or summary of the article where I think it is warranted.

Our thanks to all of you contributing these articles: V.T., D.N., L.G.L.R., E.E., S.C.G., and many others!

Estimates of how long it might take to replace the bridge:

It Could Take HOW LONG to Rebuild Francis Scott Key Bridge???

Electronic Jamming on an unprecedented scale (a key to my own argument in part two):

Unprecedented GPS jamming attack affects 1600 aircraft over Europe A 63-hour-long marathon of GPS jamming attacks disrupted global satellite navigation systems for hundreds of aircraft flying through the Baltic region – and Russia is thought to be responsible

Not a Russian or American-sponsored event: a “third” party? Sclerotic European Powers?


Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Container Ship “Potentially Atop High-Pressure Underwater Gas Line”

The ship’s master was Ukrainian:

A “Black Swan Event” – General Flynn Raises Questions About Baltimore Bridge Collapse (Evidence of the Ukrainian nationality of the ship’s master)

Two US Military Sealift ships trapped in Baltimore Harbor as a result of the collapse:

Two Of The Fastest U.S. Sealift Ships Trapped By Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The “Black Box” allegedly has significant gaps in the data/telemetry:

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was a crucial component in the USA’s supply chain infrastructure:

The emerging Narradigm: Is it to Avoid Insurance problems? Including an insurance investigation?

A Perfectly targeted and timed strategic Attack:

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