U.S., like China, may end up with massive ‘EV graveyards’


from WND:

Thousands of late-model electric vehicles abandoned and ‘gathering dust’

Startling images captured by a videographer on the outskirts of the Chinese city of Hangzhou document what’s being called a “graveyard of sorts.”

Photographer Wu Guoyong “filmed aerial footage of thousands of electric cars in empty lots around Hanzhou and Nanjing, the capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu province,” Bloomberg reported. In fact, similar clusters of abandoned EVs have “sprouted up in at least half a dozen cities across China.”

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Visiting Hangzhou, the report noted “several sites filled with abandoned EVs.” One field had more than 200 cars. Another site near a river along a deserted tram track had “around 1,000 EVs gathering dust.” These fields, now called “EV graveyards,” are full of “unwanted” cars made in 2017 or newer.

An electric vehicle graveyard in China (Video screenshot)

An electric vehicle graveyard in China

How did all this happen? Although China is officially termed a developing nation – receiving preferential treatment “under the World Trade Organization, the U.N. Climate framework and other international arrangements” – it is, in reality, far from being a “developing nation,” as a Defense Department report noted that “China has the biggest maritime force on the globe.” And President Xi Jinping “has pledged to build a ‘fully modern’ force rivaling the U.S. military by 2027.” That’s far beyond a mere “developing country.”:

In 2022, China was the world leader in “clean cars,” “producing around 6 million EVs and plug-in hybrids” and accounting for “60% of the world’s current electric fleet and has the most extensive EV charging infrastructure on Earth – also built with government support.”

In comparison, a December 2023 report stated that there are only about “3 million electric cars on the road in the U.S.” March 2023 USA Facts reports that there were about 56,000 EV charging stations across the U.S., and President Joe Biden allocated $7.5 billion for EV chargers in his 2021 “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.” However, while his administration planned to build 500,000 EV chargers, not a single charger has actually been built.

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