The Current Kate Middleton Photoshop Scandal Shows Royal Family Desperately Seeking To Keep Something Secret As Conspiracy Theories Explode Online


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

The Royal family has a Photoshop conspiracy theory scandal on their hands, and it would be so easy to squash the rumours, so why aren’t they doing that?

The Royal family in England is notoriously private, and this is by design. Queen Elizabeth once said “Never complain, never explain, and say as little as possible”, a mantra which worked wonderfully well for her for over 70 years. But we live in the instant information age, privacy is all but a relic of the past, and people are demanding to know what’s up with Princess Kate, and just exactly what the Palace is hiding.


The fascinating part to me is that how easily the Royal family could squash this thing simply by showing Kate on television, walking around and talking like any other healthy, strong woman her age could do. But they are doing everything but that, leading me to side with the conspiracy theory folks until this matter is resolved. The Palace is absolutely hiding something, the only question is what that something could be. As a Photoshop expert for the past 20 years, I have examined the evidence and find it to be highly edited. But let me give you an opinion I haven’t heard any place else. The weird thing is that it doesn’t look like an amateur like Kate did the editing, to me it looks like someone with a high level of Photoshop skills edited it to make it look intentionally edited badly. Hmm….

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