China’s War on the US Alliance System


by Karen Kingston, The Kingston Report:

“We are lucky enough to witness these profound changes; and 500 years of western domination is soon coming to an end; and Americans gnashing their teeth in hell,” is basically what this says.

March 3, 2024: China brags about how they have completely infiltrated the US and are masters of the Art of War. That means those who we believe to be our friends and strongest allies, are actually our most threatening enemies.


I had the honor of being interviewed by Kate Dalley on INFOWARS, The Alex Jones Show, to discuss the role of the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army in the development and deployment of the COVID-19 mRNA injections and why the vials contain plasmid DNA, graphene oxide, and hydrogel

Here is a link to the full interview.

The PRC, Shanghai Nanotech, and Graphene Oxide

“So we are in a war and biowarfare is part of the war. In regards to hydrogel, there’s a couple important points;

That’s literally the title of the patent. Again, don’t be fooled to think this is not a war.

What’s more alarming is that Moderna filed a patent on July 7, 2020, US Patent 10.703.789. I just want to read for you verbatim, in case there is any gray area that there is graphene oxide and hydrogel in these injections, make no mistake, it is irrefutably in there.

  • The abstract describes the art. The art is a description of the technology. It (the mRNA technology) is a lipid nanoparticle size of between 80 to 160 nanometers… It goes on to state it contains the phospholipid, cholesterol, the ioinized lipid known as the cationic lipid and the polyethylene glycol, the PEGylated lipid.”

Hydrogels, Graphene Oxide, and Ai

“If you go to section 219 and top of section 220, it clearly states;

  • Disclosed herein may be encapsulated into any hydrogel, known in the art, which may form a gel when injected into a subject. Hydrogels are a network of polymer chains that are hydrophilic and are sometimes could as a colloidal gel. They’re highly absorbent naturally synthetic polymers.”

“Now this states that you’re going to be injected with a gel (hydrogel) that is going to create it’s own gel and these are preprogrammed (nanoparticles) to create its own miniature system within your body. It’s a form of artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

Hydrogel is made of (partially comprised of) graphene oxide.”

“That’s irrefutable. There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of studies that you can find on our own website regarding graphene oxide in hydrogel.”

“The reason why hydrogel is in these (mRNA injections) is because it’s a great conductor of an electromagnetic field.”

This is Biowarfare Between China and the U.S. Alliance System

“It’s biowarfare is what it is. I just want to be clear this is biowarfare.

If you go back and take at the clinical research that was done to create these mRNA vaccines, they were done in conjunction with the People’s Liberation Army and Chinese Communist Party.”

Kate Dalley, “Karen – let’s talk about plasmid DNA in these shots and how it’s changing people’s DNA and hydrogel.”

“Let’s tackle hydrogel first because it’s related to the war that’s going on between the United States and China.  I realize people in America don’t seem to be aware of this, but if you read the newspapers from the People’s Republic of China, whether it’s China Daily News, Xinhua News, or The Global Times, there are a number of articles such as this one, “Recounting the Seven Sins of the U.S. Alliance System.”

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