British Gov’t Bombshell: ‘One Billion Vaccinated People Now Have VAIDS’


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

An official British study has confirmed that over one billion people worldwide now have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) as a direct result of taking the mRNA Covid jab.

According to a group of scientists at Cambridge University, at least 25% of the fully vaxxed population are now suffering extreme immune responses to the toxic chemicals found in the Covid shots.


The sharp decrease in immunity following vaccination is caused by “altered cytokine responses”. Cytokines are small proteins that are produced by our immune system in response to infection. The more jabs a person receives, the more depleted the immune system becomes, resulting in VAIDS.

According to one British politician, this alarming figure is just the beginning of the mass depopulation event. MP Andrew Bridgen says he was told by a senior government Minister that everybody who received the toxic Covid vaccination will soon be dead.

The Telegraph reports: mRNA jabs, such as the ones created by Moderna and Pfizer, use a string of genetic material to tell the body to create a specific protein that safely imitates an infection.

Research in the field, spanning decades, had been slow work. It often stalled because RNA itself is often attacked by the body as a foreign invader.

But in 2023, the Nobel Prize for Medicine went to the pair of scientists who had spent years working to fix the problem. It was done by taking one of the RNA bases, uridine, and swapping in a very similar synthetic alternative.

This breakthrough allowed scientists to create proteins in the body without the immune system attacking the jab.

It allows for quick and precise vaccines that are highly effective and was the backbone of the Covid vaccine response.

Not a perfect fit

It was thought the minor tweak to uridine caused no problems in cells, but a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit have now found when this partially synthetic code is read, the protein-making machine in the body sometimes struggles with the uridine analogues.

Because it is not a perfect fit for what is expected, there can be a momentary pause which causes the process to stutter and a letter in the code can get skipped, much like a bike slipping a gear.

This process, called frameshifting, throws out the way the code is interpreted as it relies on groups of three bases, known as codons, being read in the right order.

This issue, caused by the jab’s code, throws the process completely out of sync and the entire subsequent code becomes garbled.

In the case of the Covid jabs, the end result is a nonsensical and harmless protein, the team found, which the body attacks and leads to an immune system flare-up. The new study, published in Nature, found this occurred in around 25-30 per cent of people.

Rogue protein fear

The vaccine is read well enough to create the strong protection against the coronavirus, the scientists say, but the frameshifting issue creates what was, until now, an unknown off-target effect.

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