What Powerful Force Is Preventing the United States from Defending its Borders?


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Israel can evict Palestinians from the the Palestinians’ villages in  Palestine.  Tiny Latvia can deport Russian ethnics born in Latvia for not learning to speak Latvian, but mighty America cannot prevent millions of immigrant-invaders from illegally entering the US each year and remaining.  

How can this be?  Clearly the US government is in a conspiracy with the NGOs that are recruiting and funding the invasion in order to replace the white American population. 

Why is the US government cooperating with anti-American NGOs to steal America from Americans?

Why do Americans sit on their butts and permit their country to be stolen?

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Why do a majority of American women vote for the Democrats who are aiding and abetting the theft of America?

When Washington speaks of “American national interests,” whose interests is meant?  The military/security complex’s interest?  How does a tower of babel have a national interest?  

Why is it in America’s national interest to be overrun by invaders?  Why is Washington worried about attack from Russia and China but not from the vastly larger army of the anti-American NGOs?

Does the US military have any role other than protecting the profits of the military/security complex?

How can the United States be a country when it has no borders?

How can something as abnormal as a country without borders continue to exist?  When the Western Roman Empire was overrun, Rome ceased to exist.  How can it be any different for America?  

Why are voices that speak for American identity, such as VDARE, suppressed by American prosecutorial authorities?

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