‘We Have Become Our Own Enemy’: Polish Farmers’ Remarkable Protest Against Europe’s Self-Destruction


from Sputnik News:

Out of touch European leaders are destroying citizens’ quality of life as well as their own political legitimacy, claims one expert.
The European system has been under considerable strain for some time. Brexit was perhaps the most notable demonstration of the people’s discontent with the direction the continent is headed. But many others have followed.

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A remarkable act of protest took place over the weekend when demonstrators spilled 160 tons of Ukrainian grain from rail cars at a station in Poland. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov immediately denounced the act and called for arrests, demonstrating the degree to which the country’s puppet government feels entitled to dictate European Union policy. But the protest will not be the last as leaders across the continent run roughshod over the needs and wellbeing of European citizens.

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