Vaccine-for-profit kingpin Bill Gates has a Plan B for those growing tired of needles


by Leo Hohmann, Leo’s Newsletter:

Psychopathic billionaire is funding Atlanta-based public-private partnership he believes will restoke the fire for vaccine uptake

Vaccines have never been more unpopular as they are today and that has the globalist elites losing sleep over how to recharge people’s appetite for new and endless rounds of mRNA injections.

Only about 17 percent of American adults, for example, have offered up their bodies for the seventh iteration of Big Pharma’s Covid shot.


I won’t address the reasons why people are done with vaccines because I’ve done that in countless other articles. Suffice it to say here that they have very good reasons.

But there is a plan in place that the globalists believe will address what they call “vaccine hesitancy.”

Natural News reports that billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates has come up with a new design for vaccine delivery that involves “a little patch” being slapped on a person’s skin.

That’s right. No more needles.

Vaccine kingpin Bill Gates is banking on a hunch that the sudden onset of vaccine hesitancy is a simple matter of people having needle fatigue.

Gates and the rest of the vaccine pushers apparently believe that if they replace the delivery system for their poison, more folks will go back to welcoming it into their bodies.

In a recent appearance on CNBC TV18 in India, Gates was asked to give his take on the future of vaccine manufacturing, based on the current state of technological and healthcare advancements.

Here is what he said:

“We make sure, for all these vaccines, that there’s enough capacity, that there’s competition so the prices keep going down. And we will have new vaccines. We’ll have a TB [tuberculosis] vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine.”

A vaccine for everything, says Bill. There will soon be a jab for everything from cancer to the common cold.

Gates gushed about the new developments in vaccine technology he is funding.

He mentioned the Covid injections that were unleashed on humanity through Operation Warp Speed, explaining that for the next pandemic, “we need to make them have longer duration, more coverage. And we’re going to change, instead of using a needle, to use a little patch.”

This is something the bio-pharma security state has been dreaming about for quite some time, as evidenced by the 2021 article published by the PBS, titled How a Painless Patch Could One Day Deliver Vaccines.

Much of the research for the needleless vax is being performed at Georgia Tech in Atlanta with the aid of the CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in a public-private partnership with Atlanta-based Micron Biomedical Inc. Georgia Research Alliance is also supporting Micron. Funding is also being supported by UNICEF.

In a November 28, 2022, press release announcing a new round of venture capital funding for its needleless vaccine patch, Micron stated:

“Micron Biomedical Inc. is a clinical-stage life sciences company advancing its Micro Array Patch (MAP) technology for self-administration and simple, less-skilled caregiver administration of drugs and vaccines without needles. The $14 million Series A financing will support the company’s development of commercial manufacturing, currently underway and establishes a strong partnership between Micron and LTS Lohmann. Micron’s development pipeline includes vaccine and drug products partnered with pharma companies, foundations, and government agencies.

It makes more sense every day why Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been lured into the waiting arms of the World Economic Forum, having attended that globalist organization’s last two annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland. Kemp’s state is quickly becoming the tip of the spear for the globalists’ plan to poison the world for profit.

As Natural News points out:

“Whether from a needle or from a patch, poison is still poison, it is important to note. Injected poison is arguably worse as it bypasses the body’s natural defense mechanisms, but surely Gates has thought of that, too, and will make the patches just as, or perhaps more, toxic than their needle counterparts.”

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