Two Videos Show ‘The Big Picture’: China’s Master Plan Relied Upon Treasonous US Politicians Who’d Put Illegal Aliens Ahead Of Americans & Would Foot The Bill For Our Deaths & Destruction


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

To truly understand what’s really happening in America right now, it’s crucial to take a look at two different videos out in just the last few days that both give us alarming warnings, but when looked at combined, give us ‘the big picture’ that we’ll never get from the talking heads in the mainstream media, nor from our ‘government overlords,’ who are working overtime to destroy America.

With the first video featuring Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones holding a press conference after meeting with Sheriffs all across the country, along with the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, and Jones warning Americans that there are more red flags right now of something HUGE ahead than there were before 9/11, and Sheriff Jones highlighting the alarming number of Chinese, military-aged men that ‘Terrorist-In-Chief’ Joe Biden has allowed in to our country through our wide open southern border, as the Conservative Playbook warns in this new story‘evil Democrats have opened the door to chaos’


As ANP has been reporting for well over a year now, while the nation of China is over half a world away, for some strange reason, a huge number of people that ‘terrorist Biden’ has been allowing in have been fighting age Chinese men, and while that may seem to be an ‘oddity,’ as the Gatestone Institute warns in this new story, there is nothing odd about it once you realize this is actual Chinese military strategy on how to defeat and destroy America, tactics that come straight out of a 1999 book titled “Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan To Destroy America” that was written by two Chinese air force colonels.

Arguing within their book that China should employ ANY TACTIC at all to attack what they labeled as a ‘militarily superior America,’ as the American Thinker reports in this new story, we’re witnessing that right now as China’s waging war against us this very moment, and from INSIDE THE USA, thanks once again to ‘terrorist-in-chief’ Joe Biden and those pulling the strings behind him.

And with that Gatestone Institute story warning us bluntly that China’s infiltrators are here for one reason and one reason alone, and that reason being to kill Americans, it perfectly laid out for us how the Chinese Communist Party has put that infrastructure to slaughter Americans into place, and thanks to Joe Biden, they’re doing that from within the USA, on Joe’s watch, and with US taxpayer dollars.:

– [I]n Reedley, California, near Fresno, authorities found a secret Chinese biological weapons lab with at least 20 pathogens, including the one for Ebola, and almost a thousand mice that had been genetically engineered to spread disease. 

– Chinese agents, in addition to hobbling Americans with disease and gunning them down, could bomb power stations, attack military bases, start wildfires, poison reservoirs, or create terror in dozens of ways.

Also warning us that these Chinese attackers are already here in America, with more and more arriving every day, while showing us videos that have been posted to ‘X‘ showing these illegally arriving Chinese migrants firing guns, including one of a Chinese female with a sniper rifle, please keep all of that in mind when you take a look at the 2nd video we’ve discussed that helps to tell the ‘whole story,’ new video footage featuring a press conference given by Denver Mayor Mike Johnston where he announces that many city programs will be ended to provide more money for illegal immigrants. That video thus providing even MORE PROOF Democrat politicians have put illegal aliens ahead of the American people. 

And think about EXACTLY what that means when you understand these people who Denver’s mayor is putting ahead of his own residents have come here to kill us. If Democrats get their way, the American people are footing the bill for our own deaths and destruction. 

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