Trump Converts ENTIRE PANEL of Undecideds During SC Town Hall.


from The National Pulse:

A group of undecided South Carolina voters told Fox News they are supporting former President Donald Trump following a town hall interview in Greenville, SC, on Wednesday evening. Trump’s demonstration of leadership qualities particularly impressed the panelists. “Donald Trump, if I could summarize what he said in one word, it was just ‘strength.’ He had a way about him that demanded attention. He really sounded like the kind of leader I would want to vote for,” said one voter.


The panel responded extremely positively to Trump’s line that his “success” will be his “revenge,” with one panelist saying: “That right there is the line I’ve been wanting to hear from Donald Trump this whole election cycle. Is he running again to get revenge, to pay back, who do we have to attack, the vendetta? No, it’s my policies, my platform, my results, that will be my revenge.”

Trump’s comments that America is “a country that’s dying” and “a failing nation” also resonated with the South Carolina voters.

“He answered all of my questions about getting the fentanyl and all the drugs out over the border,” one voter said. “I think he’d be great to strengthen the homeless and try to help solve that.”

Trump maintains a substantial lead over GOP rival Nimarata ‘Nikki’ Haley in South Carolina. Trump leads Haley by 28 points among voters who are “very likely” to vote in Saturday’s Republican Primary.

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