The World Is Bracing For An Apocalyptic Future


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

When you imagine our collective future, what do you see?  Today, most people do not envision a positive future for humanity.  Our movies, our television shows, our video games and our talk shows are filled with apocalyptic themes, and there is constant speculation about what is ahead of us on social media.  Global events have really started to go haywire in recent months, and faith in our leaders has never been lower.  A lot of people are realizing that when things really start hitting the fan nobody is going to come riding along to rescue them.  So sales of emergency food and supplies have soared to record levels, and millions of us are planning for life in a world that has gone completely and utterly mad.


Even some of the most prominent voices in our society are openly talking about such things.  For example, Joe Rogan has suggested that right now would be a really good time for Jesus to come back

“Like if he came back now, it would be great,” Rogan said. “Jesus, if you’re thinking about coming back, now’s a good time. Now’s a good time.”

Have you ever heard Joe Rogan talk like this?

I haven’t.

In another recent broadcast, Joe Rogan admitted that he believes that “something big is coming” and when he thinks about that it scares him.

Needless to say, he is far from alone.

There are millions of others out there that are feeling the exact same way.

At this point, even the wealthiest members of our society are preparing for worst case scenarios.  The following comes from a Daily Star article entitled “‘Bible prophecy is coming true’ as claims billionaires build huge underground bunkers”

Podcaster Christina Randall claims that Zuckerberg’s bunker is just the latest of around 15 doomsday shelters being built by billionaires around the globe.

“It is definitely very interesting that they’re choosing to build something that sounds like it could be fully self-sustaining, especially if something catastrophic happened to the world and it was no longer habitable,” she said.

“Why not just build a regular old mansion or some kind of commercial facility that could generate Zuckerberg even more money?”

She stressed: “This building is definitely not cheap, it is estimated to cost over $270 million and it looks like this is going to be the largest private personal construction project in human history. We’re talking about over a quarter of a billion dollars.”

The video from Christina Randall that was referenced in that article has already been watched more than 420,000 times


If everything is going to be just fine, why are so many billionaires building massive survivalist compounds?

Can anyone out there answer that question?

A very large portion of the general population is deeply concerned about what is coming as well.

Billions of dollars is being spent on emergency food and supplies, and I fully expect that 2024 will shatter all previous records.

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