The World Economic Forum has marginalized America’s youth!


by Wallace Garneau, America Outloud:

The United States is dying, and I can tell you exactly what is killing it. It’s not Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Federal Reserve, the World Economic Forum, green men from Mars, or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, although some of the things those people and groups are doing certainly reflect that which is killing the United States.


The United States is dying because a narcissistic form of hedonism has replaced Christianity as the predominant religion of the country, and our moral backbone increasingly reflects this new reality.

You read that right – the single greatest threat to the United States is the replacement of a religion (Christianity) that was focused externally in the world around us with a new ‘spirituality’ that manifests itself entirely internally and, in doing so, turns spirituality into narcissism.

The simple fact is that most of America’s youth worship themselves, and everything else going wrong with our country stems from this one simple fact.

Famed historian Will Durant wrote that societies need two out of the following three things to survive: a shared language, a shared culture, and/or a shared religion. We don’t need all three of those things, but we need at least two of them, and we are rapidly moving away from all three.

One thing that happens when we lose those three things is that the people become free to define ‘morality’ however they want, independently of one another and independently of any objective standard.

In a world without standards, Is it surprising that so many resort to hedonism?

And as our society adopts hedonism and narcissism, narcissistic hedonists demand tolerance for their hedonist behavior. This is why we let transvestites dressed in satanic garb read to children in public libraries – it’s all about normalizing hedonism to please narcissists.

Once tolerance for the immoral becomes the only moral virtue, intolerance of sin becomes immoral. In other words, morality and immorality get flipped. Christianity says that the pleasure of the flesh can be sinful, and so the hedonistic narcissists call Christianity evil for speaking against sinful desire.

Are you living primarily of the flesh or of the spirit? The hedonist is all about the pleasure of the flesh. Of course, the hedonist hates Christianity.

Christianity is also about works in the sense that our covenant with The Risen Lord involves letting Jesus into our souls so that He can change us into less sinful creatures. While we don’t get into Heaven through works, we are taught to manifest the love of the Lord in the world around us, sacrificing for the betterment of others. That is incompatible with narcissism, so it is not a surprise that narcissistic hedonists hate Christianity.

Atheists like to argue that moral standards can be derived without religion, but what I wish atheists could admit is that without religion, morality becomes a personal choice, making societal morality the morality of the lowest common denominator. A morality of the lowest common denominator is functionally the same as not having any morality at all, and once again, the more immoral society becomes, the more intolerant of morality members of society become.

Hedonism provides no purpose, and so hedonists often seek purpose beyond hedonism, but being also narcissistic, our youth need purpose without effort. They gravitate toward anything that promises meaning but only when mixed with instant gratification, leading them to the other new religion: that of Mother Earth, as professed by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Jumping on board with the WEF’s calls to ‘save the world’ falls perfectly in line with hedonistic narcissism, allowing our youth to proclaim moral purity without having actually to do anything. All our youth need to do to prove their morality purity, at least in their own eyes, is to take to the streets to loot and riot. In other words, whereas the Christian seeks redemption through the Salvation of the Risen Lord, our youth seek redemption through public acts of hedonism in support of whatever cause the WEF makes its Soup du Jour.

The WEF sees the United States as a large landmass that, other than having perhaps some specific geographic characteristics, is indistinguishable from any other land mass of similar size. Our youth, along with the WEF, see themselves as stewards of the land, working to protect the natural environment from the evil intentions of mankind. To that extent, the left loves the United States just as it loves the world as a whole.

It is the people IN the United States that the left and our youth hate – and particularly those who are Christian.

More broadly, the left hates those whom it sees as preventing it from saving the world from those who would do it harm by exploiting the world for personal (or societal) gain.

To protect Mother Earth, the left wants to force mankind to live in harmony with it. That means eliminating our impact on the world to levels well below what Mother Earth can easily cleanse.

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