The Trentadue and Epstein Prison Murders


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

This post is extremely interesting. It shows the close, indeed identical, totally false explanations by the Department of Justice (sic) and New York City medical examiner, Barbara Sampson, of two prison murders.

Kenneth Michael Trentadue’s murder occurred in August 1995, approaching 29 years ago. Epstein’s prison murder was in August 2019.

Trentadue’s murder apparently was due to misidentifying him as a party to the Oklahoma City bombing. Epstein was murdered because he had incriminating evidence against the US and UK elites involved in sex with underaged kids.


Trentadue’s brother is an attorney, and when Kenneth’s beaten and bruised head to toe body was prevented  by the family from being cremated  and instead delivered to the family for burial, it was completely obvious that murder, not suicide, was the cause of death.

I covered the case, which was still possible in those days, and the extraordinary disparity between the hard evidence and the Justice (sic) Departments explanation was completely obvious.  My articles rattled the US Department of Justice (sic) and a Justice (sic) official called my office. My assistant answered and was astonished to hear that I needed to back off or there would be trouble. She asked whether she was talking to the Justice Department or to a Mafia thug.

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