The NYC Trucker’s Strike: How Much Influence Do They Wield?


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Truckers keep things interesting, don’t they? And they’re at it again with a NYC trucker’s strike organized to protest a verdict against former President Trump.

Last week, New York Judge Arthur Engoron ordered former President Trump to pay $354 million in damages in a civil business fraud trial.

While the court accused Trump of dishonest business practices, no financial institutions have ever made complaints about him.  No fine this massive, no prohibitions on conducting business in New York, and no bans on receiving loans from New York banks have ever been handed down in a case like this.  This is pure political persecution.  Don’t take my word for it: that was how legal scholar and constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley described it too.


In response to these punitive damages, rumors started circulating on X about truckers refusing delivery into NYC beginning Monday, February 19. This may get really interesting.

What happens if the trucks stop?

CDL Life put out an infographic in 2012 that’s been resurrected recently, showing what would happen to life without truckers. Daisy wrote about it here.   Within two to three days, food and fuel shortages would become severe, leading to price spikes.  Manufacturing centers used to “just-in-time” processing would have to shut down.  Garbage would begin piling up, rail transport would stop, and business transactions would grind to a halt as banks run out of cash.

Within a week, automobile travel would cease due to loss of fuel.  Within a month, the nation’s clean water supply would be exhausted, and illnesses would begin to spike.  Hospitals would be largely unable to treat people, due to their exhaustion of supplies.

This infographic is from 2012. If anything, things would fall apart faster now.  Our supply chain is less resilient than it was twelve years ago.  Truckers make First World living what it is.

Is this NYC trucker’s strike happening?

While some posters on X insist this won’t happen because trucking companies will never stand to lose money, a few facts are worth noting.

One is that approximately 10-15% of truckers are independent, and these are typically the more capable and experienced ones.  They can simply turn down some delivery jobs and choose others.  We’re in the middle of a labor shortage; workers have some choice.

Truckers already dislike NYC.  On Sunday, an Amazon driver had to fight off a drunk, naked migrant.  And the trucker found himself in trouble with the law. Another Amazon driver was brutally slashed in an unprovoked knife attack in late January  and no arrests have been made.  Who wants to work in that environment?

The tolls are high, streets are narrow, people are unfriendly, and crime is rampant.  Reading truckers’ X feeds, some are happy for an excuse to avoid NYC because of the constant extra fees.  NYC is a less profitable area for them anyway. Turning down business there won’t hurt them as much as it might in other places.

And not every trucker has to go along with the boycott in order to make life miserable for New Yorkers.  Imagine what just a 10% reduction in goods deliveries would do to prices within a week or two.

This decision by Judge Engoron will backfire in other ways, as well.

Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank mogul investor, summed it up nicely on Fox News.  “$355 million as a penalty, plus 9% interest, and there’s no victim?”  He said this decision terrifies possible investors because it’s so arbitrary.

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