Shocking Revelations Of ‘Closely Guarded Secrets’ Gives Americans MORE Proof Our Psychopathic Govt Has A Death Wish With Every Intention Of Getting America Nuked


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– We Have A Govt Of Suicidal Maniacs Who’ve Sacrificed The American People

In another small sign that at least one mainstream news media outlet realizes they’ll need to begin telling the truth to the American people or they’ll go ‘extinct,’ the NY Times published what Zero Hedge called a bombshell story on February 25th that our very own CIA has been waging a ‘shadow war’ against Russia through the Ukraine for at least a decade, building at least 12 secret spy bases outside of Russia and moving the world a big step closer to WW3.


Calling this ‘shadow war’ a ‘closely guarded secret,’ with the CIA’s ‘war’ against Russia going on long before Russia ‘invaded’ Ukraine two years ago, while blowing ‘the West’s’ argument that Russia has been the ‘aggressor’ with the revealing of these ‘secrets,’ their story also confirms that the USA is already fighting a kinetic war against Russia with our key intelligence agency instrumental in the war-time decisions being made in Ukraine while, once again, we get more proof our government is nothing but liars and that their lies might soon get us all nuked.

Also coming at a time when NATO’s Chief says it’s inevitable that Ukraine will be joining NATO, with this story at Foreign Affairs reporting Kyiv’s survival and the security of Europe are at stake, according to this Newsweek story, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called Putin’s aggression ‘a blatant violation of international law,‘ even though the NY Times story proves the USA and CIA were the ‘aggressors’ for at least 8 years before Putin took moves to protect his own country from them.

So while Joe Biden cries for even more American taxpayer money to be sent to Ukraine so they can buy even more missiles and bombs and lead the world even closer to nuclear annihilation, the NY Times story not only confirms that the US is fighting hand in glove with the Ukrainians but confirms what Putin has accused Washington DC of doing all along. Briefly, from this Zero Hedge story.:

Huge NYT admission that Putin was basically right 

Below is a hugely ironic excerpt from the Times report. The section begins by noting that Putin has repeatedly blamed the US-NATO for expanding its military and intelligence infrastructure into Ukraine. Not only had this precisely been going on for the past decade, as is now being admitted, but was presented by the Kremlin as a key cause of the Russian invasion of Feb.24, 2022. 

Putin and his officials were adamant on the eve of the invasion that NATO was militarizing Ukraine. The Times appears to now fully admit that, yes – this was actually the case: Putin has long blamed Western intelligence agencies for manipulating Kyiv and sowing anti-Russia sentiment in Ukraine. 

Toward the end of 2021, according to a senior European official, Putin was weighing whether to launch his full-scale invasion when he met with the head of one of Russia’s main spy services, who told him that the CIA, together with Britain’s MI6, were controlling Ukraine and turning it into a beachhead for operations against Moscow. 

…U.S. officials were often reluctant to fully engage, fearing that Ukrainian officials could not be trusted, and worrying about provoking the Kremlin. Yet a tight circle of Ukrainian intelligence officials assiduously courted the CIA and gradually made themselves vital to the Americans. In 2015, Gen. Valeriy Kondratiuk, then Ukraine’s head of military intelligence, arrived at a meeting with the CIA’s deputy station chief and without warning handed over a stack of top-secret files.

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