Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Vote to Unlisted Rival, “Someone Else”


from The Conservative Treehouse:

This is probably the first time a U.S presidential candidate has been defeated in a state presidential primary by an unlisted rival. However, that’s what happened in Nevada when Nikki Haley ran unopposed as listed on the Nevada primary ballot.

The Republican Nevada presidential primary was Tuesday; but the Republican Party of Nevada switched to maintain a primary caucus approach to selecting the candidate. The Caucus takes place on Thursday.


As an outcome of the process Nikki Haley was the only candidate on the primary ballot for Tuesday.   Nikki Haley received 32.4% of the votes, while 61.2% of the republican primary voters selected “none of these candidates.”

(Bloomberg) — Nikki Haley suffered an embarrassing loss in the largely symbolic Republican Nevada presidential primary on Tuesday, while President Joe Biden secured an easy victory in the state’s Democratic vote.

No delegates were at stake and Haley didn’t campaign in Nevada, contending the dynamics gave former President Donald Trump an advantage. Nevertheless, the optics of her coming in second place to the “none of these candidates” option on the ballot represents the latest blow to her longshot challenge to Trump for the nomination. (read more)

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