Leftists Argue That Hijacking Planes is a Legitimate Form of Protest


by Paul Joseph Watson, Modernity News:

Totally jumped the shark.

Some leftists have now moved on to hysterically claim that hijacking planes is a legitimate form of protest.

No, this isn’t the Babylon Bee.

The controversy started when Mohammed El-Kurd, a pro-Palestine writer based in Jerusalem, posted on X.

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“You can’t protest peacefully. You can’t boycott. You can’t hunger strike. You can’t hijack planes. You can’t block traffic. You can’t throw Molotovs. You can’t self-immolate. You can’t heckle politicians. You can’t march. You can’t riot. You can’t dissent. You just can’t be.”

El-Kurd immediately got ‘community noted’ as it was explained to him that hijacking planes and throwing fire bombs is a from of terrorism, not protest.

However, despite being utterly roasted and potentially opening himself up to legal ramifications, El-Kurd didn’t delete the tweet.

His insistence that hijacking planes should be treated as a reasonable form of protest was the echoed by another leftist who describes himself as a “19 y/o white western Maoist”.

Reminder that plane hijackings used to be perfectly normal and were mostly non-violent. 9/11 was an outlier and the first of its kind,” posted a user called Rosedark.

Community notes stepped in again to remind him that, “Even before 9/11 plane hijackings were very violent and resulted in hundreds of fatalities. More than 400 fatalities were connected to plane hijackings just in the 1980s and 1990s.”

What’s the world coming to when you can’t even…hijack a plane?

Both users were on the receiving end of some very forthright and in some cases hilarious responses.

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