In Almost Any Other Place And Any Other Time Period, ‘Mass Murderers’ In High Places Would Have Been Hunted Down And Hung For Carrying Out Crimes Of Genocide Upon ‘The People’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Mass murderers get a free pass to continue exterminating us

According to this alarming new story over at the Daily Mail (saved here at Archive,) there’s been over a 200% explosion in young women and girls getting pancreatic cancer, with the so-called ‘experts’ admitting they’re ‘frightened’ and ‘baffled’ by the skyrocketing number of cases of the deadly disease, though as these ‘cancer experts’ claim, they have no idea what’s causing this shocking rise.

Reporting in their story that soaring obesity rates MAY be behind the startling rise, but they’re not quite sure why men aren’t experiencing the same shocking percentage increase in the numbers of such cancer cases as women, that story none-the-less took a shot at ‘conspiracy theories’ that ‘the jabs’ are causing an alarming rise in cancer cases of all kinds, and in both men and women, and all around the world, reporting such claims have not been proven.


And while the commenters on that story were quick to call out the DM for pushing the ‘party line of the eugenicists’ and ignoring the fact that millions have died from the devastating ‘adverse effects’ of ‘the vax,’ we see once again that ‘the experts’ claim to be clueless while ignoring the gargantuan elephant in the room that most can now see as clear as day, that all of these ‘sudden and unexpected deaths,’ and an explosion in ‘turbo cancers,’ only began soon after the rollout of ‘the vax,’ and that every day, this looks more and more like an intentional ‘culling‘ of the population, a very real ‘war’ upon humanity. 

And we keep getting more and more proof that this ‘bioweapon attack’ upon the human race is a very real attempt by those ‘eugenicists’ who believe the world is ‘overpopulated’ and that the population must be ‘whittled down’ to ‘save the planet’ as seen in the must-watch 1st video at the bottom of this story featuring Tucker Carlson interviewing Steve Kirsch who warns us we’ve got clear proof ‘the vax’ comes along with well over 770 ‘adverse effects,’ and that the CDC and other government agencies have been trying their very best to hide them. Just think about that! Over 770 adverse health effects!!! And all being hidden away from the population by ‘the powers that be’!

Leading to a massive censorship campaign all across the board, from the White House to the US military to our public health agencies to the mainstream media to our local doctors and hospitals, in almost any other country and almost any other period of time, very real ‘health terrorists’ would be hunted down and hung for carrying out genocide upon their very own people, but for some bizarre reason, these mass murderers are getting a free pass to continue their rampage upon us in 2024.

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