Former pop singer accuses Taylor Swift of including ‘demonic rituals’ in concerts


by Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSite News:

An Irish former pop star who says he used to be “very interested in satanic stuff” has accused Taylor Swift of performing satanic rituals during her shows.

Shane Lynch, who was a member of the popular boy band Boyzone and is now a “born-again” Christian, recently told the ​​Irish newspaper Sunday World that such satanic displays are common among musicians, including Swift.


“I think when you’re looking at a lot of the artists out there, a lot of their stage shows are Satanic rituals live in front of 20,000 people without them realising and recognising,” he said. “You’ll see a lot of hoods up and masks on and fire ceremonies.”

Swift’s stage performance of her song “Willow” is one such show, during which the pop star and her fellow performers dance in hooded capes while a display of fire “burns” behind them. American exorcist priest Father Dan Reehil has warned that this show is suggestive of witchcraft and that “she is probably attracting a lot of demons to her concerts.”

Swift herself has suggested that the song is associated with witches and even that she is a witch. On December 15, 2020, she tweeted a link to a “willow lonely witch remix,” writing, “Witches be like ‘Sometimes I just want to listen to music while pining away/sulking/staring out a window.’ It’s me. I’m witches.”

Lynch specifically called out Taylor Swift, “one of the biggest artists in the world,” for including “demonic rituals” in her shows even beyond witch themes.

“You watch one of her shows and she has two or three different demonic rituals to do with the pentagrams on the ground, to do with all sorts of stuff on her stage,” Lynch continued.

“But to a lot of people it’s just art and that’s how people are seeing it, unfortunately,” he added.

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