‘Evil Democrats’ are ‘opening the door to chaos’


from WND:

Stunning verdict delivered by famed evangelist

Famed evangelist Franklin Graham has delivered a stunning verdict about the Democrats’ agenda, pushed by Joe Biden ever since he took office, to keep America’s southern border open for illegal aliens.

Graham, on social media, cited a comment from Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who stated his party chooses illegal aliens to “care about most.”

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Charged Graham, who serves as chief of the worldwide ministry Samaritan’s Purse, “Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, made a shocking statement to MSNBC when he said that undocumented immigrants are the ones they ‘care about most.'”

“Wow. These are people who have broken the law and come into this country illegally—and they are being given millions of dollars in benefits that are being taken away from legal, bonafide citizens of this country. This reveals the evil intent of the Democratic party.

“Bottom line: it’s about buying votes with government money! They want to give them benefits, then they will want to give them ID’s, and then the next step will be citizenship—so they can vote. They want to have the votes of the millions of people they have allowed into this country illegally, opening the door to chaos. It’s about the desperate struggle to keep these leftist elitists in power for generations to come.

“Wake up America—there’s an election coming!”

A Fox News report, in fact, confirmed Murphy said his party’s push for a path to citizenship in border legislation has failed the people they “care about most” in this country, “undocumented Americans.”

“Well, I mean, Chris, that’s been a failed play for 20 years. So you are right that that has been the Democratic strategy for 30 years, maybe, and it has failed to deliver for the people we care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country,” the senator charged.

Murphy said, “This is also not 2013 any longer, when we ran that play last. Back then, there were a couple hundred people showing up every day applying for asylum. Today, on some days, there are 8,000. And the reality is that the bulk of this country does not think that’s right or sustainable and wants us to change the reality at the border.”

He said the Democrats’ plan featured a right to representation and early work permits for illegals, but the GOP has opposed the special provisions.

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