DC Council Appoints Paroled Murderer To Sentencing Commission


by Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit:

The DC Council has appointed a patrolled murderer to the city commission charged with setting guidelines for prison sentences.

On Tuesday, twelve members of the commission that drafts and modifies criminal sentencing guidelines voted to elect convicted murderer Joel Castón to the 17-person board.

Castón will be the first person who has been incarcerated to serve on the commission.

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The council’s appointment of a convicted murderer to its leadership comes amid the District’s ongoing crime surge in homicides, carjacking, and robberies.

Castón garnered praise from local leaders during his rehabilitation in prison and acclimation to civilian life, the Washington Times reports.

Last year, D.C. had the fifth-highest per capita murder rate among the nation’s biggest cities,

In January, US Attorney Matthew Graves scolded the council for considering Castón’s appointment. In a Jan. 2 letter, Graves advised members that the paroled killer’s addition to the council would impede the city’s “revolver door” approach to crime and punishment.

Graves cited data underscoring how Superior Court judges closely adhere to the board’s guidelines when handing little to no jail to half of all convicted felons in 2022, Graves told the Council.

The council subsequently delayed its scheduled vote on Jan. 9 for Castón for a month and on Tuesday elected the convict to the sentencing board anyway.

In 1994, at the age of 18, Castón shot and killed 18-year-old Rafiq Washington in a parking lot in Southeast D.C. Castón was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison but was paroled after 27 years in 2021.

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