Brutal Special Council Report Reveals Joe Biden Was Mentally Diminished In 2017 – This Was Labeled As Disinformation By The MSM As Independent Media Reported On Biden’s Memory At The Time


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Presidents by and large do not run every aspect of the White House, as they are briefed on issues or events and then make the final call or decision on subsequent actions, but in the case of Joe Biden, it has been made clear by the brutal special counsel report on his handling of classified documents that he is unfit to hold office.

Since before the 2020 election, many in the Independent Media highlighted the diminished mental capacity of Biden, while the MSM insisted we were wrong, and in the three years since, we have seen Biden fall on multiple occasions, claimed to have spoken to people that have been dead for years, slur his words on a regular basis, and make claims that are factually false.


Such as Joe Biden’s claim that he has made multiple times about his son, Beau Biden dying in Iraq, when in reality, Beau Biden died of a brain tumor at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Maryland in 2015.

In his Special Council report, Robert Hur documented that Biden had forgot when he was VP and when his son Beau died.

From page 212 of the Special Counsel report, the PDF here at this link.

…He did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended (“if it was 2013 – when did I stop being Vice President?”), and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began (“in 2009, am I still Vice President?”). 839 He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died….

Many have highlighted the Special Counsel’s consistent references to Biden’s memory problems, made worse by the fact that the Biden’s lawyers attempted to get SC Hur to remove or change portions of the report that referenced his memory in a letter

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Not only do you treat the President differently from other witnesses when discussing his limited recall of years-ago events, but you do so on occasions in prejudicial and inflammatory terms. You refer to President Biden’s memory on at least nine occasions – a number that is in itself gratuitous. But, even among those nine instances, your report varies. It is one thing to observe President Biden’s memory as being “significantly limited” on certain subjects. Id. at 5. It is quite another to use the more sweeping and highly prejudicial language employed later in the report. This language is not supported by the facts, nor is it appropriately used by a federal prosecutor in this context. 

 We request you revisit your descriptions of President Biden’s memory and revise then so that they are stated in a manner within the bounds of your expertise and remit.

The entire report is embedded at the bottom of this article, but what I would like to highlight, which we have not seen many do as of yet, is the fact that the the Special Counsel also highlights via the evidence seen during the course of the investigation, that Biden’s memory issue were also clear in 2017, before he was installed into the office of President.

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