Biden Targeting Military Veterans, Older Americans, Rural Communities And Those That Hold The Bible And Constitution Sacred, With Federally Funded AI Censorship Tool


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

When the Biden’s regimes “Ministry of Truth” was scrapped after public backlash, it is doubtful that anyone with a brain thought they were done trying to control what information the American public is allowed to see and discuss online.

Those with a working brain were right, the Biden regime not only didn’t stop trying, they simply decided to do it differently by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to target information that is not the “official narrative” from being discussed on social media or other platforms where Americans discuss issues.

This and much more was revealed in a House Judiciary Committee report (79 page PDF) issued last Tuesday. The report should be a real eye-opener as to the lengths Democrats will go to make sure they can control what you see online, therefore controlling what you think.


Independent Media asks the questions, and provides the information that the MSM, on behalf of the Biden regime, won’t. Collectively we highlight reports like this one, that the MSM won’t cover, so the powers that be aka The Blob, are funding R&D (Research and Development) in AI that will prevent Americans from finding news that counters the official narrative.

There are more targets than what is mentioned in the headline because to name them all would have a headline that reads like a book, so here are the targets mentioned.

From page 22, under the category titled “4. MIT: Search Lit

• In September 2021, through its Track F program, NSF awarded $750,000 to a group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop “effective interventions” to educate Americans—specifically, those that the MIT researchers alleged “may be more vulnerable to misinformation campaigns”—on how to discern fact from fiction online.88 In particular, the MIT team believed that conservatives, minorities, and veterans were uniquely incapable of assessing the veracity of content online. 

Page 26 offers more targeted individuals, under the category:  B. NSF-Funded Researchers Believe the American Public is Not Smart Enough to Discern Fact from Fiction, Especially Conservatives, Minorities, and Veterans 

• Littered throughout these researchers’ federally funded projects is the paternalistic assumption that particular groups of American citizens are uniquely unable to differentiate between truth and falsehood online. As the MIT-led researchers explained in a summary of their project proposal to NSF, “broad swaths of the public cannot effectively sort truth from fiction online.”101 In particular, the Search Lit team singled out the following demographics:

* rural and indigenous communities;

* military veterans, older adults, and military families;

* older adults.

Also in the report on page 26 – 27, the authors highlights other groups targeted, specifically those that hold the Bible and Constitution as sacred.

In support of their case for NSF funding, the MIT-led researchers cited a study “of two conservative groups” performed by a Search Lit team member, Francesca Tripodi, examining the “online search practices” of Americans who hold “the Bible or the Constitution” as “sacred” and  “distrust journalists and academics. ”The summary also derisively noted that the approach that “everyday people” typically use to get their news and information allows them “to act as subject matter experts,” rather than “truth [being] only curated at the top.”

So if you are one of the people that looks into news reports to verify the MSM, because you “distrust” today’s MSM journalists, you are one of the people they are trying to prevent having the ability to do so.

The report shows that they plan to target children of the military in the hopes of those children being able to “share” the same propaganda with their families.

As part of their efforts to target military families, NSF proposed working “with educators in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) group, the organization that runs [Defense Department] schools on military bases, to adapt our innovations to both directly serve children in military families and then have students share their new learning with their families.” Put plainly, Search Lit sought to help train the children of military families to help influence the beliefs of military families. When Search Lit “discussed these ideas with DoDEA stakeholders, they immediately brought up concerns about military personnel involvement in the January 6 assault on the Capitol and the subsequent anti-extremism training that is a military priority.”

So to recap, we see the following targeted individuals:

• Rural and indigenous communities

• Military veterans,

• Older adults

• Children of military families

• Those that hold the Bible as sacred

• Those that hold the constitution sacred.

• Those that distrust journalist and academics.

On page 26 the authors of the report give a quick summary of the information in the pages above:

To summarize, the researchers’ concern is that there are Americans who deem the Constitution and the Bible “sacred,” and therefore dare to conduct their own research of “primary sources” rather than trust the “professional consensus.” 

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