ABC News Poll: Almost NINETY PERCENT Believe Biden Isn’t Fit To Serve


by Steve Watson, Summit News:

Meanwhile, he’s complaining about the size of ice cream packaging

A poll conducted in the wake of probably the worst week of his Presidency has found that a whopping 86 percent of Americans do not feel Joe Biden is in good enough shape to serve another term.

The poll by ABC News/Ipsos was carried out Saturday, after the Special Counsel report that described Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory,” and after he ended up angrily yelling at reporters for asking questions about the issue.


The poll also found that 73 percent, almost three quarters, of Democrats think Biden is too old to serve, and a whopping 91 percent of Independents feel the same way.

Critics have charged that ABC News has attempted to mask the ‘mainstreaming’ of Biden’s cognitive decline by also throwing Trump into the ‘too old to run’ mix.

Rather than focus on the figures with regards to Biden, the sitting President, the report goes to great lengths to include Trump, noting that “the figure includes 59% of Americans who think both [Biden] and former President Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, are too old and 27% who think only Biden is too old.”

It further states that “Sixty-two percent of Americans think Trump, who is 77, is too old to serve as president,” and goes on to focus on Trump being indicted on federal charges.

Buried at the bottom of the article are findings of the poll that most Americans believe Trump would do a better job of handling immigration and the border than Biden by 44 to 26 percent, and the handling of crime (41%-28%), the economy (43%-31%) and inflation (41%-31%).

As we highlighted earlier, Trump called for cognitive tests for anyone running for President to become mandatory during a Saturday rally, asserting that if you asked Biden what MAGA stands for “he would not be able to tell you,” because his “brain is not working too well.”

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