The Fabricated Memory of January 6th


by James Watkins, American Thinker:

We in America have a collective memory of what slavery was like in the 19th century. And when I say we have a collective memory, I mean we share a fabricated collective memory. Slavery was real, but no one today has a real memory of it.

Our collective memory comes from television shows like Roots and movies like Speilberg’s Amistad and The Color Purple. It comes from every movie you’ve ever seen about slavery in the United States. And so, as a collective culture, we think that because we’ve seen these films, we have an authentic memory of what slavery was like when we are only remembering someone else’s portrayal — someone else’s idea of what they think happened. Whether it’s Alex Haley or Quentin Tarantino, we have someone else’s presentation.


The same thing is now happening with the Democrats when they’re recalling January 6th. The Democrat Party has created a fake and fabricated memory of January 6th. They did it with the help of ABC News, with the editors, camera crews, and the post-production people to create a memory that would be played over and over in the media to create a collective memory of an insurrection.

We know the then-House Speaker invited her niece (a professional photographer) to come down to the Capitol and photograph the historic event. We also know that ABC producers were employed to produce the televised hearings of the January 6 Commission for several weeks, and had a hand in editing actual J6 footage. This was designed to create an altered, fabricated memory of what happened the day thousands of people came to Washington because they were concerned the election of 2020 had unanswered questions. Not necessarily unanswered by a non-asking media, but unanswered, nevertheless.

The people felt there were shenanigans in the 2020 elections, such as late-night voter drops caught on film, mail-in ballots counted at the last minute that all seemed to go for Biden, even from districts that previously had voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016. And what about the supposed water pipe explosion in Atlanta that forced the evacuation of a tallying center — and then it turned out there was no pipe burst or flooding after all — it was just a false alarm.

We now know, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray, they had dozens — if not hundreds — of embedded FBI agents in the crowd. It was like a Cecil B. DeMille movie production, and it was done for the specific purpose of being able to create and fabricate a memory of an insurrection that never occurred.

Yet, half the people in this country honestly believe we had a real insurrection because they have been given a memory. Even Joe Biden admitted last week we saw the tapes “played over and over, repeatedly.” Joe says we “saw it with our own eyes,” just like the Democrats wanted us to see it, like an Irwin Allen disaster movie from the 1970s.

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