Politicized Media Reaps Predictable Harvest


from Moonbattery:

Turns out sacrificing credibility so as to impose the liberal agenda entails consequences. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The media sector is facing a crisis unlike anything seen since the 2008 financial mess, with layoffs and cost-cutting at every turn. …

The Washington PostLos Angeles TimesTime, Condé Nast, Sports IllustratedBusiness InsiderNew York Daily NewsNational Geographic and The Baltimore Sun have all been in the news just this month for layoffs, cost-cutting, labor walkouts or bleak prognosticating.

Zillionaires like Jeff Bezos and private equity firms have been pumping fortunes into leftist publications like the Washington Compost. However, eventually even the richest liberal elitists get tired of throwing good money after bad. Obnoxiously woke Sports Illustrated won’t be the last prominent publication to disappear within the next few years.

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Last year was brutal enough:

An estimated 2,681 news industry jobs were lost through the end of November…

Odious WaPo propagandist Tailor Lorenz, possibly best known for doxing Libs of TikTok, is ready to panic:


John Nolte lists a few of the reasons Tailor’s ship is headed for Davy Jones’s locker:

The partisan liars comprising the establishment media have rendered themselves irrelevant by destroying our trust in them. As Abraham Lincoln might say, you can fool some of the people all of the time, as evidenced by their continued willingness to vote Democrat. But if you try to fool all of the people all of the time, they stop listening.

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