New Epstein Docs Confirm Blackmail Tapes Exist, Cleary Show Faces of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The latest installment of the Jeffrey Epstein document dump dropped on Monday, revealing explosive new allegations.

According to the newly unsealed files, which were released on Monday, victims have confirmed that Epstein made sex tapes of powerful elites which he used to bribe them.

The bombshell testimonies assert that the tapes clearly show the faces of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and billionaire Richard Branson.


“When my friend had sexual intercourse with Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Richard Branson, sex tapes were in fact filmed on each separate occasion by Jeffery,” the witness alleges.

Computers from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion were removed before the FBI conducted a search of the property.

When authorities raided Epstein’s New York City mansion, they found hard drives, burned CDs, and tapes that had been labeled by Epstein.

Yet, the drives and tapes from the NYC “House of Horrors” were never entered into evidence, as Slay News reported.

However, the latest Epstein files reveal that one of the victims has copies of the sex tapes allegedly involving Clinton, Andrew, and Branson.

“Thank god she managed to get a hold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes, which clearly identify the faces of Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Branson having sexual intercourse with her,” the witness testified.

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