Javier Milei Crashes Davos Party


from Moonbattery:

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is underway in Davos, where the globalist ruling class has gathered by private jet to discuss how to reduce our carbon emissions and in general make our lives worse in the name of moonbattery:

As you might expect, given the moral caliber of the liberal elite, prostitutes in the area have been completely booked.

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Turns out the self-important degenerate kooks may have a sense of humor:

The theme this year is “Rebuilding Trust.”

They rebuild trust by scheming to restore Covid tyranny under the working title “Disease X”:

Disease X, a hypothetical illness with the potential for 20 times more fatalities than the COVID-19 pandemic, was the focal point of a panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, where international leaders gathered to deliberate on the potential looming threat.

…calling for more censorship so as to suppress information that undermines their deranged ideology:

The unelected head of the European Union, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, has warned global power elites gathered for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual summit that they must focus their energy on censoring so-called “disinformation.”

…suggesting that “ecocide” (i.e., farming, fishing, energy production) is a crime equivalent to genocide:


…and proclaiming that elections are quaint relics of the past that should be replaced by AI (presumably programmed by them):


Uh oh. There was a party crasher. No, not Damon Imani. I mean Argentina’s newly elected countermoonbat President Javier Milei (who unlike many flew commercial):


Watch Milei’s whole speech:


The other attendees will sit gingerly for days after that kick to their collective pants.

At least Trump didn’t show up. The Davos goblins regard him with abject terror.

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