It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like 1776


by Drew Allen, PJ Media:

I argue in my recently published book, “America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024,” that “our present conflict is unprecedented in our own nation’s history and in our own lifetimes and marks the third major test, which will determine whether America survives or dies” — our previous major tests being the American Revolution and Civil War.


While it was the left’s unprecedented and unlawful efforts to indict and imprison former President Trump that compelled me to make such a claim, more recent events have unfortunately reaffirmed its validity and served to exacerbate already deteriorating relations between our tyrannical federal Government and the American citizenry. History would insist that we are on a collision course.

Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro has been sentenced to four months in prison for defying a subpoena from the corrupt J6 committee. His real crime, of course, is standing up to our modern tyrants. You may recall that in 2012 then-President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder defied the same “law” by ignoring a Congressional subpoena.

Unlike the J6 committee that was investigating a crime that never occurred — a Trump-led insurrection — the Darryl Issa led committee that issued a subpoena to Eric Holder in 2012 was investigating a real scandal: Fast and Furious. Holder, of course, was never prosecuted, nor has he spent any time in jail, nor will he.

More recently, Hunter Biden defied a congressional subpoena and still walks free. Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon will likely also spend time in prison for the same “crime” committed by Peter Navarro — giving the middle finger to the tyrants. Both Navarro and Bannon should be awarded Presidential Medals of Freedom during Trump’s second administration for their bravery.

To be clear, Navarro’s sentencing is completely illegitimate and political. Navarro gave the tyrants the middle finger by defying their subpoena, but the tyrants gave him two middle fingers by imprisoning him in return. More importantly, the tyrants followed through in order to intimidate other brave Americans who might also stand up to tyranny.

Threats, condescension, politically motivated retaliation, and other arrogant abuses of power have become all too common in the Biden regime. We have a federal government that routinely flaunts a power that is neither prescribed nor awarded in our Constitution. In short, our federal government is lawless — which the Founding Fathers feared.

How many times has Biden dared the American people to challenge the federal Government and threatened to use military jets on American citizens? “If you want to fight against a country,” Biden most recently threatened, “you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun.”

While the American citizen has been indoctrinated to view himself or herself as subservient to the federal Government, our Constitution clearly insists that it is our elected officials and Government, who are to be subservient to “We the People.” In fact, it is our Government which should fear the citizenry, rather than the other way around.

After decades of unconstitutional encroachment on the Rights of both American citizens and individual states, this true Constitutional crisis has now come to a head at the Texas border; where the Biden administration is actively sabotaging the state of Texas’ effort to protect its own border from an invasion sanctioned and facilitated by the federal government.

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