Guest Post: “Thoughts on The Great Taking”, by AGXIIK


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

I’m going to be unavailable for most of the day today but, thankfully, our old friend AGXIIK has come up with this interesting and thought-provoking post for you to digest and discuss.

Truth be told, the only things I know about this “Great Taking” idea is what I’ve read here on our site. I’ve not studied the concept and I don’t know David Webb. However, many of you, and many of my friends in the gold space, are taking it quite seriously so it needs to be discussed.


To that end, AGXIIK provides today’s morning post. Since I don’t know much about the concept, I’m not sure how valid his conclusions are. However, I do now that AGXIIK is an experienced and thoughtful person so his views on this subject are worthy of being posted below. Please look over his commentary and then discuss it in the comments section.

Also in the comments section, I’ll be sure to add some thoughts on today’s PCE data and the moves in rate cut expectations, the POSX and the Comex PMs.

Also in the comments section, I’ll be sure to add some thoughts on today’s PCE data and the moves in rate cut expectations, the POSX and the Comex PMs.

Have a great day!



Here’s some food for thought with Morgan and Webb talking about the Great Taking….

It’s real and pervasive yet the question remains: What’s the chance of this happening? 1%, 2%, 5%, 20% or 80-95%?

We’re seeing references to the Great Taking appearing in the MSM and some regularly viewed sites. It was noted during the Davos meeting, hinted as being part of the WEF plans.

Living one’s life without worrying about this century old boogie man is a challenge. Depending on how much one takes the GT as whole cloth and when the boom might be lowered is a vital question and one that will be shared with only those on a ‘need to know’ basis.

We can do well to be prepared.

I thought some of those in the upper tiers would be concerned because the GT could target them, such as the giant banks and bankers (JPM from 1907-present day and Dimon), higher tiers of government, mega wealthy individuals and companies. But no, I was wrong. They’re in on this plan. Some with wealth won’t get the memo or, if they did, their confirmation bias and disbelief might delay their taking steps so they’ll be on the losing side of the ledger.

As Webb says, every country, including ALL British commonwealth countries plus India will be subject to the GT. Apparently the British elite consider us Americans as errant colonials who need to be brought to heel so or it appears.

Most of those who need to know are IN the know one way or the other. Undoubtedly there are tens of thousands complicit in this 100-year plan given the remarkable number of people worldwide acting strangely yet in perfect timing and coordination, like a giant murmuration of vultures, scavengers and carrion feeders looking for a meal.

This mega-flock includes most of those in the media, ultra-large multinationals companies and governments everywhere. If lock-step timing is any indicator, Webb states all governments worldwide are in on this Great Taking. There appears to be no exception but for Vanuatu and Pitcairn Island.

Webb talks about the Great Taking jump started in 1907 then moving through to the FDR gold heist in 1932. Once he explained this it became so obvious what was afoot. The completely unconstitutional creations of the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank Jeckyl Island monstrosity to Executive Order 6102 all of these laid the lumber to our grand parents for 45 years. They included the Great War, the Great Depression and WWII. These epochal events were established and set in motion as test runs, building and facilitating the nascent Great Taking, fully birthed in the last 35 years of the 20th Century. It looks like the danger is real, improbable as it might seem.

It saddens me to know the US government has been part of this plan for more that a century, slowly laying plans while in cahoots with the UK and EU old money wealth looking to reestablish the good old days of poverty, despair and Feudalism enhanced with modern technology and the globalist plans for total control. It would be easy to turn back the clock by 150 years if this plan was fully executed.

It essentially means all of us have been living in a dream world illusion that the US is a good and descent place due to the rule of law and Constitutional protections. Yes, it’s sure seemed nice for many decades but now the veils are coming off I feel like Neo after he was pulled from the human battery pod, discarded as flotsam then shoved in the light by Morpheus.

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