Alex Soros is a Nut Job – Implies Assassinating Trump


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Anyone who does not know had better open their eyes. Alex Soros is FAR WORSE than his father – FAR WORSE than you can ever imagine. He lacks the school of hard knocks and is spoiled with money that has made him think he is Superman and above the law. This image of $47 and a bullet hole implying to assassinate the 47th President, Trump, is his answer to his and his father’s attempt to rule the world.


Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

They are not satisfied tearing down borders, pushing for authoritarian insanity, funding the prosecutions against Trump, funding the case in Colorado to remove Trump from the ballot all in the name of democracy? They ignore culture, religion, and even family, force their view upon the world, and assume only what they know is best. Both he and his father think their Open Society promotes a better world when he himself makes veiled threats to assassinate Donald Trump.

Soros one world government

Bidenomics is a complete failure, and George knows that as a hedge fund manager. He shorted the pound because of fiscal mismanagement. Yet George and Alex still advocate destroying the very foundation of the United States to further their one-world government headed by the United Nations.

Soros Alexander

Anyone other than a Democrat who would have the audacity to post something like this

would be IMMEDIATELY arrested with no questions asked.

1928 Berlin Revolution

We are about to witness the fall of the United States, and I have warned that historically, those on the LEFT are ALWAYS the most violent throughout history. This demonstrates clearly $47 for the 47th President Trump and a bullet hole. Do that with Biden and $48 and watch how fast you will be arrested – NOT Soros. He has political immunity.

Soros Trump prison

Assassination will be their only option because he probably just found out that putting Trump in prison will NOT stop him, for he can still run for President from a jail cell just as did Eugene Debs. This is most likely behind this post, as assassination is the only option. I would not want to live on the same street as Alex Soros. He has just painted a massive target on his head if anything happens, and we will indeed see civil unrest that will exceed the 1960s, making that look like a dress rehearsal.

2024 election

The computer will be right again. There is absolutely no way either side will accept the 2024 election result, assuming Soros does not inspire the assassination of Donald Trump in the meantime. And the rumor is Soros is bankrolling Nikki Haley.

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