U.S. Supreme Court Protects Freemason Corporations and Big Pharma – Strikes Down Any Legal Opposition to COVID-19 “Vaccines” and Mandates


by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

The Supreme Court has, once again, overturned lower court rulings that challenged the U.S. Federal Government’s role in mandating COVID-19 bioweapon shots. The “Conservative” majority, once again, ruled to protect the interests of Big Pharma and their immunity from being prosecuted in the U.S. judicial system, as it has done consistently since 2011, even though the pharmaceutical companies were not the defendants in these cases, but obviously benefited from this ruling.

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Supreme Court Wipes Out Three Rulings Rejecting Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court vacated the rulings in three lower court cases that had successfully challenged the Biden administration’s federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal agency employees and military service personnel. The decision by the nation’s highest court to grant the Biden administration’s request to set aside the previous judicial rulings rejecting a federal COVID vaccine mandate erases the legal precedent set by the lower courts.

The Appellate courts were split in their decisions about the COVID vaccine mandate with those challenging the federal vaccine mandate succeeding in some cases and the Biden administration prevailing in other cases.

The Supreme Court majority… instructed the lower court to dismiss the cases as moot after the vaccine mandates were rescinded. By wiping out the historical record, the Supreme Court has ensured that any legal challenges to future vaccine mandates will be cases of first impression without precedent. (Full Article.)

Official Photograph of Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson taken by Supreme Court Photographer Fred Schilling, 2022.

For the first time (to my knowledge) since the COVID-19 shots were approved by President Donald Trump in December of 2020, one of the nine Supreme Court Justices actually dissented in the majority court view on COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and it was Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, whom many claim is the most “liberal” Judge currently on the bench, and was appointed by current President Joe Biden.

One Supreme Court Justice Dissents from Ruling Upholding Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate

The unsigned Supreme Court decision vacated the rulings against the mandates and ordered the lower court to vacate the preliminary injunction against the Biden administration as moot13 Only one Justice, Justice Jackson explained the decision. She agreed with the other justices that the lower court ruling should be vacated in one decision and dissented in the other two cases, explaining that the government failed to “establish equitable entitlement” to the vacatur.

In a recent case, Justice Jackson argued in a dissenting opinion that the Supreme Court may vacate a lower court’s rulings in a case that has become moot when an unfair result is faced by the losing party who can’t appeal the decision. She explained that it is an exceptional remedy that should only be granted when equity demands it.

Justice Jackson wrote:

Later, this Court clarified that this “Munsingwear vacatur” remedy is available only in “extraordinary” or “exceptional” cases where a party meets the burden of demonstrating equitable entitlement to vacatur in an otherwise moot case.

Justice Jackson further clarified that the court has long recognized that a Munsingwear vacatur is generally not a fair ruling when the party requesting the vacatur, “played a role in rendering the case moot.”

Justice Jackson wrote:

As a general matter, I believe that a party who claims equitable entitlement to vacatur must explain what harm—other than having to accept the law as the lower court stated it—flows from the inability to appeal the lower court decision.

Ultimately, Justice Jackson did not find that the government, “established equitable entitlement” to the vacatur and was not warranted in two of the three cases. (Full article.)

While this may seem confusing to the “Conservative” talking head “experts” who only started publishing opposition to vaccine mandates since 2021 when so many multitudes of people died or became crippled from the COVID-19 bioweapon shots, those of us who have covered this issue for decades now fully understand that this is the normnot the exception, where only “Liberals” have ever dared to dissent to giving legal immunity for Big Pharma and their killer vaccines, while “Conservatives” have always protected Wall Street and the bankers and corporations that run this country, all in the name of “free markets” and “capitalism.”

The “Conservative Right” is who supported the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which gave pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines legal immunity in the courts from being sued due to injuries and deaths caused by their vaccine products.

“Conservative” President Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law.

The law was challenged at the Supreme Court in 2011 with Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, and the law was upheld as the Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” All of the “conservatives” on the bench sided with Big Pharma, including Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito, considered “solid conservatives.”

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