The Biden Break-Ins – America’s New Crime Wave


by Wallace Garneau, America Outloud:

Do yourself a favor and Google ‘Rash of Home Break-Ins’ when you get a second. You’ll see local news articles from Bergen County, Virginia; Boston, Maryland; Glenn Rock, New Jersey; Hillsborough, Florida; Simi Valley, California; Carter County, Tennessee; Oakland County, Michigan; and at other locations all over the United States of America.

It’s happening everywhere.

According to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, though Oakland County has seen a severe rash of break-ins all fitting the same pattern, the break-ins are not unique to Oakland County, nor to Michigan. Around the country, organized multi-national crime rings are looking for houses, ideally backing up against wooded areas where family members are not currently home.


The thieves break through windows or sliding doors in the back of the house to gain entry (even using second-story windows when necessary), and then, over a few minutes, they steal everything of value they can find. The thieves are well trained, getting in and out of a home in just a few minutes so that they can rob homes, not only of those on vacation but of those going out for dinner, a movie, or grocery shopping. The thrives get in and out so quickly that they don’t worry about where homeowners might be – they simply break in, take what they want, and leave.

And it’s happening everywhere in the country such that if it is not a problem in your neighborhood, it soon will be.

It’s so bad that I have neighbors who have a daughter old enough to babysit who they will not let babysit. They won’t even leave her alone by herself, lest thieves think the house is empty and break in while she is alone.

With hundreds of local news stories about exactly the same kinds of break-ins being written all around the country, one would think these break-ins would be national news stories. One would think, in fact, that it would be a very BIG story. It’s not a national story at all, though. It’s being reported as local news only.

According to Michael Bouchard (who has communicated with other sheriffs around the country), the thieves are foreign nationals, the vast majority of whom are in the country illegally and working for organized crime rings run in Central and South America. The crime rings have sent hundreds of thousands of thieves all over the United States and are quite literally robbing the American people blind to the benefit of cartels south of the border.

And the only reason this is not national news is that our ‘news’ does not want to report anything that might make Joe Biden’s border failure look bad.

I want you to consider, for just a moment, that you, along with everyone else you know, live in a country with a sky-high likelihood of having your home broken into, along with the homes of everyone you know, solely because of the abject failure of the Biden Administration to keep our border secure. Now, I want you to consider, for just another moment, that what we call ‘news organizations’ refuse to report anything about this (except locally), as doing so might make the political party that intentionally created this mess look bad. You live in a country that refuses to report the news in ways that negatively reflect the party in power. The Soviets used to do that – now we do that, right here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Have you had enough of Biden’s America yet?

For those who have not had enough, what the hell is the matter with you?!? You voted for this crap?!?

 And you are considering voting for it again?!?

I live in an area where, just six months ago, we would joke that we don’t need to worry about crime as the thief lives on the other side of town. Now I can’t log in to NextDoor without reading about four or five break-ins just the previous night either in my neighborhood or in other neighborhoods nearby. And that’s in a community where the law is still enforced. I can’t imagine what it must be like living where ‘people matter more than property’ and thieves are not prosecuted.

I was not even using NextDoor until my wife forced me to get an account so I would see all the break-ins occurring all around us, and if you get NextDoor, you’ll see it’s happening all around where you live as well.

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