Student Fails Quiz by Giving Objectively Correct Answers


from Moonbattery:

In schools run by moonbats, students fail unless they give the wrong answer:

A 10th grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle gave students a quiz titled, “Understanding Gender vs. Sex.” …

Question 4 was a true or false question with the statement, “All men have penises.”

A student marked this true. This was marked as wrong by the teacher.


Maybe it was a trick question. After all, some men have experienced horrific accidents or worse yet have undergone “gender-affirming care.”

This one was more straightforward:

Question 7 was a true or false question with the statement, “Only women can get pregnant.” Again, the student marked the statement “true” because only women can get pregnant. Again, the teacher penalized the student, insisting the answer is false.

The student, who is remaining anonymous in hopes of avoiding retribution, failed the quiz.

This is the exact equivalent of failing a math quiz for insisting that 2 + 2 = 4. Welcome to 1984 as enacted by sexually deranged degenerates.

Under progressivism, students are not graded on their mastery of material so much as on their willingness to debase themselves by telling lies in obeisance to a sick ideology.

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